Juicing Interview With Farnoosh Brock

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Farnoosh Brock headshotWe are pleased to bring you an Earth’s Friends exclusive interview on juicing with Farnoosh Brock, the author of The Healthy Juicer’s Bible. Farnoosh is the founder of ProlificLiving.com, a website dedicated to “smart habits for rich living.” The Health Juicer’s Bible is Farnoosh’s second juicing book, the first being Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you juice

I juice because it is my one true health secret without fail. It is the quickest return to harmony and the sweetest path to healing that my body has discovered in all its years here on earth and with 6 years of juicing behind me, I can honestly say that it only gets better, stronger and more delicious. Plus, it is the single best way that I can stay in shape, and keep my fantastic digestive system in check.

What was your first juicing experience and what sparked you to get started?

My first juicing experience was at home, after being inspired by America’s late hero, Jack Lalanne. I bought my first juicer, an Omega – a beauty – and made carrot and apple juice. It was a door to a new world. I didn’t even think I could make juicing so accessible and so available to myself at home. The spark was also the recent unhappiness from my corporate job, the excessive corporate travel and the stubborn weight that I had gained (all of which came off with juicing over the next several weeks).

Were you hooked on juicing from the start or did it take time to get into the swing of things?

From the first minute, I was hooked. I not only LOVE the taste of juices, I LOVE the idea of juicing. I don’t cook, I don’t bake and other than salads, I don’t do much else in the kitchen except my duties as a sous-chef under my husband’s strict instructions! So I have to tell you that juicing is fascinating to me not because it’s anything like cooking or baking but because it is like a never-ending fun and fabulous experiment. Six years later, I am still making new recipes, learning new things about juicing and finding new benefits as results of juicing myself as well as helping others get into this miracle that is juicing.

How often do you juice today?

These days, except for when I am on the road which makes it very challenging, I juice just about every single day of the week. If I don’t juice one day, I use left-over juice that I do store for up to 24-36 hours in tight-lid glass containers so I drink juice every single day. If I go without it one day, I honestly feel a lack, a craving, and just incomplete. My system craves it and it’s the best thing to get addicted to: Mother Nature’s elixir! It’s raw, it’s fresh, it’s packed full of nutrients and beyond delicious if you make it right!

What do you find to be the most difficult thing about juicing?

The Healthy Juicer's BibleYou know the hardest thing as I mentioned is being away from it when I am on the road. That’s the challenge of keeping up with your juicing habit but I talk about ways to work around it in my new book, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible. I know a lot of people may fuss about the clean-up or that it takes time, but let me ask you, are there not 10 minutes in your day that you might – just might – be wasting doing something unnecessary? I think about all the time we waste and not even think about. So setting aside 10-15 minutes to juice is a no-brainer for me. Plus I suggest so many ways to systematize your juicing process in the book that you will not think twice about committing to this new sexy daily habit, trust me!

What is the greatest benefit you have seen in your life from juicing?

Oh there are so many benefits but if I had to pick one, it is the way it makes me feel which then affects everything else in my life. I feel clean, refreshed, rehydrated, happy, nourished and loved when I juice. I kid you not, every single one of those I feel and the feeling carries into my day, into my work, into my creativity and productivity and into being kind and loving to myself. This I believe is the greatest benefit and a state of being that we all crave to be in!

How would you recommend that people get started?

You know, I was at my grocery store today and my produce manager who knows me and my juicing habits told me about another guy who made him some juice and it tasted terrible but he knew it’s good for him so he drank it! I was just horrified as I was getting the words out as calmly as I could: If it’s not delicious, don’t drink it. My rule is that it has got to be delicious. What’s the point of drinking something disgusting? Juices can be delicious if you know how to make them so my advice is that you get started with a book, a guide, and not just go experimenting for fun because you may make a juice that doesn’t come out right and it can then turn you off. I have 2 books on juicing now, the latest one hit the shelves of all book stores and Costco’s on March 6th, 2013. In it, I take you step by step through the whole process and show you everything that you want to know about juicing. Then you are off to the races!

Do you have any funny or interesting stories to share about your juice experience?

So many stories. I run a virtual juicing clinic at ProlificJuicing.com and my clients have the most amazing experiences. Some of them are amazed that their spouses – mainly husbands – are getting into juicing just by the excitement of their wives and they want to be part of this revolution that their wives are experiencing. We find that adorable and amusing both! Also, I love that people experience amazing benefits. Sandi has managed to heal her joint problems and her chiropractor is shocked. Sue cured her stomach ulcer and I believe it was Sara who was so surprised that her hair and nail were growing much better than ever before and the only thing she could attribute it to was this new juicing business. The best part though, they are shocked that they no longer crave their most favorite junk food. All this without the fight and discipline, just through natural miracles of juicing. Fun, huh?

Farnoosh Brock’s favorite juicing recipe

I am excited to share this because it is one of my many favorite recipes.

Sweet Filling Delight

3 cups fresh baby Spinach
1 lemon, unpeeled
2-3 medium Roma tomatoes
2-3 medium carrots
4-6 celery stalks
1/2 bunch Parsley
A small chunk of ginger
Optional only: A handful (3-4 carrot top bunches)

Thank You

Farnoosh, I would like to personally thank you for taking part in this interview and for adding so much enthusiasm and light to the world of juicing. I am certain your words, recipes, tips and more will inspire many to live a cleaner, more fulfilling and self-loving life. Thank you again, Michelle.

Raw Juice Delivery Option

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What do you like most about juicing?

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