3 Ally Bars on table

Interview with Ally’s Bar Founder: Ally Murphy

Ally Murphy is not only an accomplished professional cyclist (competing at some of the biggest and most elite U.S. and world events) she’s also found time to start her own energy bar company. This native Californian, turned North Carolinian, makes and sells three flavors of delicious and nutritious bars made with local sweet potatoes. Read on to learn more about her and behind the business including sustainable and eco-friendly practices…

Christian and Aexis of Tiny House Expedition jumping

Tiny House Expedition Interview

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons are living the dream. And while the house might be tiny, their project is nothing but! Learn more about these trailblazers and their exciting documentary project in our exclusive interview with Alexis in March 2015…

Farnoosh Brock book cover

Juicing Interview With Farnoosh Brock

In our exclusive interview on Juicing with Farnoosh Brock, author of the The Healthy Juicer’s Bible, she shares juicing benefits and her favorite recipe…

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