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Earth’s Friends® is the leading authority when it comes to resources for all things eco-friendly. Since 2007, we’ve been featured as a trustworthy source in hundreds of websites, new stories and blogs on earth and science related topics.

Here are some of our highlights and most bzzzz-worthy, recent press mentions:

Bottled Water Costs Us 2,000 Times More Than Tap. Is It Worth It?

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Filtered Water. What it means: This one is exactly what it sounds like. Before being bottled, the water is run through a filter. Worth the hype? Filtering water before you drink it sounds like a good thing, right?

The Daily Beast 9/18/2016
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Car-Sharing & Ride-Hailing Adding Electric Cars to Their Fleets

Other car-sharing companies charge rates that can be as high as $80 – $100 per day, making personal EV transportation out of reach for the communities who suffer hardest both economically and from poor air quality due to living in neighborhoods close to polluting factories and freeways.

Huffington Post 10/30/2017

How to Pick the Best Light Bulbs for Every Room in Your House

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Compact Florescent Bulbs (CFLs): These use 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb. They also last longer. They usually emit a cooler tone, but you can find them in a range of brightness levels and temperatures.

LifeHacker  6/25/2015

Baltimore-area Food Vendors Hope to Lure Big Institutional Buyers

Consumers in general are shifting toward more socially conscious buying, said Sadie Cornelius, of Earth’s Friends®, a website that specializes in promoting eco-friendly lifestyles. “People want to put their dollars back into the local community,” she said. “They want to meet the people growing the food.”

The Baltimore Sun 6/08/2015

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