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This eco-friendly living website was created to gather support for our planet, and to spread the word on climate change and anything that may adversely affect our friend and host in this life, planet Earth. It also provides simple, actionable tips on how to live a greener life.

Meet our team! Our goal is to publish articles around topics such as climate change, renewable energy, gardening, conserving existing energy, natural parenting, endangered animals, recycling, public transportation, the oil industry, going green, and more. We want to spread facts, not fiction. We want to help educate the masses and promote learning and involvement to save our one and only world.

You should care because we are all affected by the way we treat our planet, and at the rate things are going you’re going to see significant adverse changes in the next few years. You should care because you are responsible for the footprint you leave on this planet. And you should care because after all the arguing between pro and con, fact and fiction, the fact is that it’s quite simple to make a difference.

Why Earth’s Friends?

We are considerate and respectful to others, including our planet. We only have one world, so we do our part to teach others the ways to live a healthy, eco-friendly life. We reduce our carbon footprint, reuse our canvas bags, and recycle whenever possible. We give more than we receive and we never give up. We vote in every election, never use disposable baby diapers, compost our waste and volunteer for fun. We drive hybrids, ride bikes, shop locally, eat sustainably and drink lots of water (in our refillable BP-free bottles of course). We are educated and share our intelligence and insights with others. We love the great outdoors and being a part of this beautiful planet. We listen to NPR, watch PBS and grown our own vegetables. We are anything but stereotypical; we are ethical and hyper-critical, because we care. We strive to build a community that works together to make this world a better place and leave it better off for future generations.

Are We Too Late?

Bill Nye The Science Guy breaks down the human component of climate change to help us understand what went wrong, and explores whether anything can still be done about it.

Want to Get Involved?

Want to get involved right now? On each article you’ll have the opportunity to join the conversation. Just scroll to the bottom and see what our readers are chatting about! Ask your own questions or help answer others’.

Thanks for reading Earth’s Friends!

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