Pile of junk

What is the Freecycle Groups Network?

Freecycling is a new trend that saves both the environment and your money. Based on the motto One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure, Freecycle is all about people exchanging goods instead of buying new goods and trashing old ones…

Hands in circle

Do Americans Care about the Environment?

Are Americans ignorant when it comes to environmental issues? Many stereotypes exist that show that U.S. citizens are not only some of the world’s worst polluters, but that we are quite ignorant when it comes to environmental issues and reform…

Monitor Lizard (caption: Monitor Lizards)

All About Monitor Lizards

Curious to learn more about monitor lizards? Earth’s Friends is pleased to be your go-to resource for monitor lizards. If you are curious about caring, grooming, or feeding you lizard, we have everything you ever wanted to know and all your questions answered below. Read on to learn more about these quiet creatures including monitor lizard facts…

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