Do Americans Care about the Environment?

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Many stereotypes exist that show that U.S. citizens are not only some of the world’s worst polluters, but that we are quite ignorant when it comes to environmental issues and reform. The truth is that, according to a recent Gallup Poll:

  • 90% of Americans recycle
  • 83% have taken steps to reduce energy use
  • 83% are trying to use less water
  • 83% have consciously avoided environmentally harmful products
  • 73% have bought environmentally beneficial products.

What is the environmental impact of the average American?

While studies show that Americans do in fact care for the environment and take environmental issues seriously, we are still far from reducing our carbon footprint to an environmentally sustainable level.  The average American is a big polluter relative to the average world citizen – with just 4.5% of the world’s population, we consume a whopping 33% of its materials.  An ecological footprint is the land needed to support the lifestyle of any one individual.  The ecological footprint of the average American is 30 acres!  The average Italian, by comparison, manages on less than half that amount.

The problem is lack of information and education

It’s not that Americans don’t care about the environment, it’s that we aren’t learning how to do so.  It’s our mission to bring you the information you can use to make a difference, and reduce your ecological footprint.  As the environmental, or green movement takes hold, we’ll be here to bring you the latest news and information on how you can help.

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