What is the Freecycle Groups Network?

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Pile of junkFreecycling is a new trend that saves both the environment and your money.  Based on the motto One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure, Freecycle is all about people exchanging goods instead of buying new goods and trashing old ones.

What is the Freecycle network?

The Freecycle Network is an online network made up of over 5,150 groups with 7.9 million members around the world.  How does it work?  Members give and receive items in good condition, free of charge, within their local communities.  The Freecycle Groups Network has grown over the years and now includes local communities in over 70 countries worldwide!

What kind of stuff can I exchange?

Just about anything you imagine can be traded on the Freecycle Groups Network.  Items posted range from clothing and books to video games, electronics, exercise equipment, kitchen appliances, furniture, and more.

How can I sign up for Freecycle?

You can sign-up by visiting www.freecycle.org.  Membership is free, and local communities are monitored by a local volunteer.  Items you post must be legal and appropriate for users of all ages.  They must also be free, no strings attached.  The receiver is responsible for obtaining the item, making it easier for you to give away your items and put them to use than to dispose of them in the trash.  But even better, is that you’ll probably find plenty of items online that you yourself can use, and they’re free.

Freecycle keeps it green

Not only is the Freecycle Groups Network useful for obtaining and getting rid of used goods, it helps saves the environment in the process.  Items are re-used instead of filling costly landfills and taking away and ruining precious land.  The Freecycle Groups Network currently keeps over 500 tons of waste out of landfills each day.

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