Is Global Warming Causing Wildfires in California?

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California wildfiresWith fires raging on in Southern California and 70+ degree temperatures in October on the East Coast, how can anyone doubt the realities of climate change?

Wildfires in California

A series of wildfires began burning across Southern California on October 20, 2007. Close to 1,800 homes have been destroyed and nearly half a million acres of land have burned from Santa Barbara County to the Mexican Border with the U.S. As of October 24, 14 people had died and at least 70 more were injured.

Fireworks of Fall

And, closer to home, the leaves in our yard here in North Carolina have barely started to change colors and it was 75 degrees yesterday – in late October! Because of the warm weather, the leaves have barely changed to the fireworks of fall that we love as one of nature’s most beautiful displays  It also is a sure-fire signal of the colder weather months ahead. But, this year is different, as we’ve never seen the leaves turn so late.

Is Global Warming Upon Us?

California wildfiresWe are not ones to take the idea of climate change lightly or to assume that one single weather event or season is a sign of the eminent coming of a hotter time, but with so many weather events and seasons that are explained with the words “for as long as records have been kept”, we must beg the question — is global warming upon us?

Last week, forecasters from the National Weather Service “couldn’t recall such intense winds in Southern California,” a region that meteorologists said was “already dealing with the driest year on record.” That is a lot of poorly timed, coinciding events that are bringing this whole climate change “theory” into reality for us.

Unseasonably warm weather?

While warm weather in October is a nice surprise, it’s also kind of creepy. And it makes us wonder: is there some connection between this unseasonably nice weather and the raging wildfires in California?

With all of these freaky questions swirling around, the time is now to start the dialogue. Do you think there is a connection between our changing world landscape of natural disaster and extended summer weather? How much have we done to create this and further how will we and our children continue to pay to keep our planet safe? More importantly, what are we doing to fix it?

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