You’d be surprised at the few small adjustments to your daily routine it can take to make a big difference to our planet and your bank account. From where you get gas to how you pack your groceries and discard your mail, we’ll show you some quick and easy ways to save money, energy, and believe it or not, your precious time.

Person holding green urn: Green Burial Options

Green Burial Options: Eco-Friendly Life Afterlife

Picture this, instead of cemeteries we have memory forests. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? An eco-friendly burial option can give us a “second life” through nature. How cool is it that we can give back to Earth as we leave it by becoming a tree or reef?! There are a few options available for natural burial already and we’re sure more green burial options will sprout up in the coming years…

Zipcar: Is Zipcar Worth It?

Is Zipcar Worth It?

Car sharing has been a known concept in Europe for years but in 2000 the founders of Zipcar brought the idea to their hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and started rolling it out across the U.S. The idea is to bring alternative transportation to life. The benefits of car sharing are evident to Zipcar’s founders and they seek to bring this sustainable solution that has worked so well in Europe to the United States. Zipcar sees itself as more than just a new company on the block or an eco-aware company trying to do good for the now. The company is an ambassador for change, something that is evident throughout the company as they consciously make decisions to better impact our planet in the future. Sure the company is doing great things but is Zipcar worth it for you?

Gazelle Reviews: Cell phone in grass

Gazelle Reviews: Resell and Buy Used Gadgets

Wanna make a buck off your old iPhone? Wondering if Gazelle is the right company to sell it to? Or maybe you are looking to buy a used device. We’ve got the low down for ya. You’ll be surprised to learn what we discovered…

Cracked iPhone: Get Paid For Recycling Your Old Electronics

Electronic Recycling: Nextworth vs Gazelle vs Usell

We all want the latest smartphone when it hits the market but what do we do with our used cell phones? Why not make some money off your used cell phone or electronics? It not only makes you money but it keeps our landfills “cleaner” by putting the parts to good use or reselling them…

Parked zipcar on street

Zipcar Reviews: What Is Zipcar And How Does It Work? Customer Service, Reimbursement, Cancelling, Discounts & More

Are you committed to earth friendly transportation but find it difficult not owning a car, even if you have access to public transportation? If you live in a larger city or a college campus, it’s not as hard as you think. Zipcar, the most well-known and popular car sharing service, has the largest fleet of shared vehicles in hundreds of cities and college campuses around the U.S. — and around the world.

Christian and Aexis of Tiny House Expedition jumping

Tiny House Expedition Interview

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons are living the dream. And while the house might be tiny, their project is nothing but! Learn more about these trailblazers and their exciting documentary project in our exclusive interview with Alexis in March 2015…

Kids hands in a circle

Teaching Children Respect: Lessons Learned As A Mom

Respect yourself, respect your family, respect your friends, respect your world… I can remember times when I’ve been angry at my children and I HAVE lost it with them. I will not claim that I am perfect in that regard (or even close). But, over the years I have learned that if I want them to respect and do things for me, I have to first respect them and lead by example.

Baby breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and Beyond: Why Baby Led Weaning Worked Best for Me

Most pediatricians will recommend you feed your baby only breast milk for the first six months (if you are breastfeeding. For Formula feeders, it is four months) and then start the weaning process with a slow introduction of solids for practice. By one year, solid intake should be enough to sustain baby and most will give you the go ahead to introduce cow’s milk instead of breast milk, if you wish…

Pittsburgh city skyline

How Good is Public Transit in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh’s compact downtown area and well-integrated transportation system make the city easy to navigate by public transit. From traditional options like buses and trains, to light rail and Zipcars, you can get where you need to go if you plan ahead…

Newborn and brother

My First Natural Birth Story

I really think that my successful experience with natural childbirth paved the way for many changes in my life that lead to a more natural way of living. I brought my baby into the world in the most natural way possible – both of us free from any medical interventions that would affect his start in the world. I owed it to him to keep his life as free from “interventions” as possible.

Pregnant belly

Natural Childbirth Advice From a Mom

Natural childbirth is one thing I can say should be researched to death! No two labor and deliveries are the same, so researching coping mechanisms, ways to maintain energy during labor and more are essential. I read everything I could get my hands on.

Child breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips for the New Mom

I tend to be lighthearted, but breastfeeding is a passion that I REALLY struggled with and feel that there is very little real life, practical advice out there. I wanted to offer that to others who may be preparing to have a little one, are currently struggling with breastfeeding or have in the past and plan to have more babies in the future…

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