Eco-Friendly Burial Options: Life Afterlife

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Person holding green urn: Eco Friendly Burial OptionsPicture this, instead of cemeteries we have memory forests. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? An eco-friendly burial option can give us a “second life” through nature. How cool is it that we can give back to Earth as we leave it by becoming a tree or reef?! There are a few options available for natural burial already, and we’re sure more green burial options will sprout up in the coming years.

What Are Green Burials?

Green burial, also known as natural burial, is a way to honor the dead with minimal environmental impact. It aids with conserving our natural resources and reduces our carbon emissions. It helps the habitat thrive and uses biodegradable materials.

Green Burial Council Certified

For a cemetery to be GBC certified it requires its operators to commit to a certain standard for green funerals. It prevents future owners from going against these promises and standards. This helps the ecosystem continue to grow.

Bios Urn Reviews

Bios UrnView on Amazon

The Bios Urn is a 100% biodegradeble urn on Amazon which turns human or pet ashes into a tree. What kind of tree? That’s one of the cool parts, you get to pick the tree you want to be! The current options are pine, ginkgo, maple, ash and beech. How does it work? Place the ashes in the tree urn which has a soil mix above it. The seed is in the soil mixture and the tree begins growing slowly and uses the ashes as nourishment. There is no expiration date so you can purchase these at any time and have on hand for your loved ones when you pass. You can also use the urn for ashes you already have at home. Using the Bios Urn is a nice way for your family to spend time after your death. They can share in the experience of burying your ashes and after some time a sprout will appear. They’ll know that you’re there bringing life to a tree. In 10, 20 or 30+ years, younger generations can visit the tree and know that you helped that tree thrive.

Video: Bio Urn Overview

Watch this minute and a half video that shows the Bio Urn in more detail.



Capsula Mundi Reviews

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This is a 100% biodegradable burial capsule where the deceased’s body is placed inside in a fetal position. The remains are used as nutrients for a tree. The pod is made of starch-based plastic and is buried in the ground with a seed or young tree planted above it. The roots grow downwards using the pod and the deceased’s body as nutrients to thrive. You can choose the tree you’d like to become, the only limitations are the local conditions and the type of species allowed due to climate, location and soil type. This project started in Italy and isn’t available globally yet. The trees must be planted in a sacred forest so you don’t have the ability to plant it anywhere you want like you can with the Bios Urn. Although this project is still working for approval it would be a beautiful way to memorialize someone.

Eternal Reefs Reviews

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Eternal Reefs are reefs made from environmentally safe concrete combined with your loved one’s remains molded into an artificial reef formation. The Eternal Reefs are placed in the ocean in a permitted location chosen by the individual, family member or friend. Eternal Reefs are typically done months or even years after a person has died so it’s not typically in the middle of the grieving process. Multiple people or pets can be in the same reef so you can keep a married couple together if you’d like. Each reef weighs more than 650 pounds so it stays put in the ocean and helps species and the ecosystem thrive. These are great ways to memorialize loved ones who had a strong connection to the ocean. The website states, An Eternal Reef combines a cremation urn, ash scattering, and burial at sea into one meaningful, permanent environmental tribute to life. This is a perfect description of this beautiful way to contribute to the environment afterlife.


$2,995.00 – $7,495.00

Could You Imagine 55.3 Million Trees Planted Every Year?

Each year, 56 million people die. Societies have different burial traditions, but imagine if a portion of us switched to green funerals. We could help the Earth grow after we have died. It’s truly amazing. To be able to give back after death is an amazing way to honor our lives. Whether we become a tree or a reef or a new invention down the road, we can help our planet thrive.

What kind of tree would you want to become?

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anonymous user
Had no clue this was an option, I guess if you’re gonna die it’s a good way to go knowing you’ll become a beautiful living tree! I hope more people take advantage of this option (just hopefully not me anytime soon!)

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