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Gazelle Reviews: Cell phone in grass Wanna make a buck off your old iPhone? Or maybe you’re looking for a replacement phone but don’t want to pay full price? Gazelle can help you do that! But, will you get the most money or best phone possible from them or is there a better option? We’ve got the low down for ya. Find out what we came across in our research. You’ll be surprised to learn what we discovered!

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3.7 / 5
Customer Service & Reputation 4.5
Ease Of Buying & Selling 5.0
Sell Damaged Electronics 0.0
Phones Available Through Multiple Carriers 4.0
Payment Options 5.0


  • Get paid in check, PayPal or Amazon gift cards (great for the seller)
  • Good track record with more than 2 million phone and tablets bought and sold
  • 30+ Point Inspection
  • Phone support, live chat and FAQs
  • Good return packaging for sellers with clear instructions on what to include
  • BBB rating: A+
  • 1 year warranties on cell phones and iPads


  • No phones for US Cellular and other small carriers
  • In some case, customers have complained of mailing phones to Gazelle and Gazelle responding back saying the phone is damaged. Customers claim it wasn't damaged when it was initially mailed. (bad for the seller)
  • Sellers often received more money from uSell (competitor)

What is Gazelle?

Gazelle is a website that lets you buy certified pre-owned phones or sell your phone for cash. It’s not just cell phones that you can buy or sell though. You can also buy and sell tablets, iPods, Apple computers and more. Sites like Gazelle give you a great opportunity to upgrade to a newer device without paying the high price that comes with it. A common thing that people do is see how much they can sell their device for and then find a device on Gazelle that they can buy at a low price. Then they’ll buy the device and once it comes they will sell their old device.

Key Features

  • 30+ Point Inspection insures all features are functional. Also, the phone is set to factory settings and they check to make sure the touchscreen isn’t cracked or damaged (this is great for the buyer)
  • Buy or sell pre-owned phones and tablets as well as iPods and Mac computers
  • 50 day price lock so if you want to hold onto your current phone until you get your new phone through Gazelle the price will stay the same for 50 days then you can sell your old phone to Gazelle (great for the buyer and seller)
  • Free shipping for sellers
  • Carriers include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon (but not U.S. Cellular or other small companies)

Customer Reviews

Worried about the reputation of Gazelle? Read what real customers have to say about the company.

Positive Gazelle Reviews

Gazelle is excellent. The online form is easy to fill out, the instructions are simple and I underestimated the value of the phone I sold but someone from Gazelle recognized that and provided the higher value. As of 2015 I have sold 3 phones to Gazelle. I will continue to use their service. – Mark R., BBB 8/7/2015

Received a quote for $55 for my iPhone 3G on Oct. 5th. I found a promo code that added an additional $5. If you opt for an Amazon Gift card then an extra $2.75 is yours. I sent out my phone and they agreed on the original quote. My friend also sent her 3GS in and got an additional $44 on top of the $116 they promised her. Easy transaction for the both of us. Keep an eye out for the emails though. My gift card was floating around in my SPAM box. It was easy to redeem on Amazon since I had other things I wanted to buy. Thanks, Gazelle! – Trina D., SiteJabber 11/13/2014

Negative Gazelle Reviews

They sold my personal information. My phone # address. A week after filling out the info on their website. I started receiving telemarketing calls relentlessly. – Tabitha K., BBB 5/27/2015

STAY AWAY, they gave me half what they said they would. – Jack F., SiteJabber 1/4/2015

Gazelle Video

The majority of phone users swap their phone in after less than 18 months. During those 18 months you may need some pointers on what to do if your phone isn’t working its best. Perhaps Gazelle can help you out with their YouTube channel. It offers handy tips like what to do if you drop your phone in water. They even have funny little commercials like this short 30 second one.

Tips for Returning Your Device

  • Take a photo of the front, back, and side of your device documenting it’s condition in case issues arise during return shipping
  • Turn off device tracking (ie. “Find my iPhone”)
  • Deactivate your service and pay any remaining balance
  • Unlock your device
  • Backup and erase data
  • Send just your device (no cases, screen protectors, etc.)

Check Out NextWorth and uSell

If you’re not quite sold (pun intended) on Gazelle, we understand. It’s important to see what your other options are and we suggest taking a look at our electronic recycling comparison article. Maybe even take the time to get a quote from each company to see which will offer you the best deal!

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