How You Can Help the Planet with Earth Hour

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You can show your commitment to the planet, and help promote efforts to reduce climate change by switching off your lights for one hour on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Or, if you prefer, you can vote for global warming by leaving them on.

This is an actual global election, and the results will be monitored and presented at the 2009 Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

When should I flip the switch?

There’s a global coordination, Earth Hour to do so between 8:30 and 9:30 pm tonight, in your local timezone. Why at this time? Because these hours in the evening are typically when energy use is high.

How can I show additional support for Earth?

Join us at Earth’s Friends by signing up for our RSS feed by entering your email in the box above left (or subscribing directly), you can partake in the various discussions taking place in our community. And you can add an environmental theme to your PC’s desktop wallpaper to show your support. Imagine if your entire workplace had desktops displaying their support for the planet. That’s free advertising for Earth.

Make your PC green

You can instantly reduce your power consumption by turning your computer off at night, and adjusting its power management settings so it goes into standby mode when you’re not using it. By doing this, you’ll not only be almost half a ton of carbon dioxide per year, you’ll also reduce your electricity bill by as much as $60 USD.

The next big industry is green

Let’s face it – helping the planet is not just for tree huggers. The next advanced societies will emerge from the nations that invest in green power today. When oil runs out, and it will, countries investing early in green energies such as wind and solar power, using electric cars, etc., will come out in front. Those sporting an educated populace that live a planet friendly lifestyle by recycling and reducing their carbon footprint, will be first movers in the next big industry.

War is not green

Finally, by supporting the planet you can help prevent needless wars and conflict over oil and diamonds and whatever other objects people are taking lives for. Green energy can be applied and practiced directly by you – it does not have to be locked in a market system controlled by a few super powers.

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