Tiny House Floor Plans: Think Big, Live Small

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Tiny House Floor Plans: Think Big, Live SmallDo you feel stressed out about your bills, mortgage, home upkeep, carbon footprint and more? (Wow, writing that sentence even brought me stress!) The point of a tiny house is to minimize residential stress so you can spend more time living your life and doing the things you love. The Tiny House Movement is meant to bring people together and give them the freedom to live as they wish without being “house poor”. Read further to learn what floor plans are available, pricing and more, so you can begin your journey in the Tiny House Movement.

What Are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are exactly what the name alludes to… very small homes. Current trends in the United States include downsizing to much smaller homes. The average home in the United States in 2013 was 2,598 square feet.1 Tiny homes are typically between 100 to 400 square feet. That’s a huge downsize! Many of these small homes can be placed on trailers for those who want to travel or you can place them on land for a more permanent residency. In some cases, you can even use solar panels and composting toilets to go off the grid.

What Is the Tiny House Movement?

The Tiny House Movement is a social movement that people join for various reasons including:

  • financial stability and freedom,
  • being conscious of the environment,
  • to simplify their lives with fewer material things,
  • or even just for fun!

A large portion of Americans’ earnings goes into their homes (mortgages, bills, furnishings, etc.) which creates a large amount of stress and leaves little cash left for fun or savings. Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, resulting in even more stress. So, what’s the solution? Live smaller. The focus of The Tiny House Movement is to simplify your way of living by living in a smaller space. Those who join the movement often find that they have more time to do what they truly enjoy doing. They are spending less time and money on bills and home upkeep and are able to invest in things they want to experience and pay for them in cash, debt-free.

How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?

Most tiny houses cost about $200 to $400 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the features you seek for your home.

What’s the Best Tiny House Kit?

Two big name tiny house companies are Tumbleweed and Four Lights. We’ll discuss the tiny house kits offered by these two companies so you can determine which one has the best tiny house plans for you. We’ll go over some of these small house plans and discuss their pricing as well and what is included.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Floor Plans Review

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Elm Tiny Home Floor PlanTumbleweed offers a few plan architectural options to choose from: Elm, Cypress, Linden and Mica. You can personalize your floor plans and add in additional features like bookshelves, side doors, stairs and more. You can also choose your wood stain, trim color and lighting fixtures. Small houses from Tumbleweed are truly customizable.


Tumbleweed Floor Plan Price

You can purchase tiny house floor plans individually or purchase the completed tiny house. So, you have the option to build it yourself or have it built for you. For obvious reasons, purchasing a pre-built house is more expensive than the DIY option.
Sizes AvailablePurchase PriceDIY Price Floor Plan Price
Elm18' long (117 square feet)
20' long (131 square feet)
24' long (161 square feet)
Cypress18' long (130 square feet)
20' long (144 square feet)
24' long (172 square feet)
Linden20' long (131 square feet)$60,000$29,000+$759
Mica20' long (172 square feet)$66,000$29,000+$759

Four Lights Tiny Houses Floor Plans Review

Visit WebsiteFour Lights Tiny House Floor Plans Review

Four Lights Tiny House Floor Plans Four Lights offers more options than Tumbleweed for your small home but are not customizable. The homes offered by Four Lights come in one size and one style (unless you build it yourself). So, if you want to customize the size and look of your home you will want Tumbleweed instead. However, Four Lights is cheaper than Tumbleweed, so if price is a main factor, you will want Four Lights.

Four Lights Floor Plan Price

FourLights has set floor plans which you can purchase individually or you can purchase pre-built for you. If you decide to purchase the home already built you can have it furnished as well. The price varies depending on whether you will be placing the house on a foundation or on a trailer.
ZinnGiffordBeavanWellerMarmaraMarie Colvin
Price for Floor Plans$499$499$499$499$699$699
Price of House on Foundation$8,450$8,600$8,600$9,300$15,650$16,450
Price of Furnished House on Foundation$14,450$14,600$14,600$15,300$24,800$25,600
Price of House on Wheels$11,850$12,000$12,000$12,700$20,450$21,250
Price of Furnished House on Wheels$17,950$18,100$18,100$18,800$29,500$30,400
House Length
House Width
Road Height
7'-3 1/2" (Ceiling not Road)
7'-3 1/2" (Ceiling not Road)

Video: Why People Love “Tiny” Living

Watch these people talk about what tiny house living means to them, what they get out of it, why they love it, and more.

Is Tiny House Living For You?

Tiny House RVs and their non-mobile versions are definitely not for everyone. I mean, could you imagine fitting a family of 6 in a 100-400 square foot space?!? Talk about family drama! However, if you’re looking for ways to cut your expenses and want to have a new adventure every day, the Tiny House Movement may be a great fit for you!

Why are you considering living in a Tiny House?

Source: United States Census Bureau

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