Benefits of Tea

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Iced tea in sunBefore there were over the counter medications or prescription drugs, there were illnesses that had to be treated. While people knew of herbs that could soothe an ache or cure an illness, they had very limited means of ingestion. They might have been able to eat the plant raw or put it in food, but if the plant could be dried and saved, it could be used during times when the live plant as unavailable and when there wasn’t a meal to eat it with. The concept of making a tea from a herb was most likely developed as a means of medicinal convenience that later became a social ritual. Let us explore the benefits of tea.


Infusion is the process by which the properties of a herb are transferred to the water by means of heat. The heat of the water releases the properties that are being sought out. This process is sometimes the only way to extract the desired properties from a plant. It’s also a convenient means to make the plant easy to ingest.

Ease of Ingestion

When you think of tea, you probably picture and old lady sitting around sipping hot tea with her friends. You might be right, but times of social interaction aren’t the only time tea is convenient or useful. Imagine that you’re traveling along looking for a place to make camp. You wouldn’t want to pack around every piece of food you needed to meet your nutritional requirements or to combat any ailment.

Instead, you would likely have some dried herbs that you can easily place in heated water to give you the nutrients or medicinal values that you needed. This is just one scenario of how the tradition of drinking tea came about, but the principle still works today.

No matter how sick you are, your body needs nutrients. It may also require something to ease the symptoms of the illness so that you are better able to function. Rather than trying to absorb these nutrients through whole foods that you may be too ill to digest, you can brew a tea and get the same nutrients in a form that is easy for your ill body to handle.

You’ve probably taken a dose of medicine that was hard for you to consume. The taste may prevent you from ingesting as much as you should. Tea makes this whole process easier because you can combine different herbs to change the flavor of the tea. You can even add honey to sweeten it.

Absorbing Nutrients

Adagio TeasWhen it comes to absorbing nutrients, your body does more work than you might imagine. Your digestive system has to sort through whatever you have ingested and separate the good from the bad. It has to filter out everything that is dangerous or unhealthy and keep what is healthy. In the meantime, it has to work to break down the solids so that it can determine the good from the bad. Because of the way parts of our food bind to each other, the body may not even be able to get all of the nutrients that are available in the food you eat.

When you use the method of infusion, you’re extracting only what you need from the herb. Your body doesn’t have to break down the solid foods to get to the nutrients because the infusion method already has. When you ingest the tea, the hard work is already done. Your body has to work less than half as hard to obtain the nutrients it needs. That means it can focus its energy on other areas.


You’ve already seen the benefits of tea as it applies to being easy to ingest, digest, and transfer. Tea is also versatile in other areas. You can make it as strong as you want or need by adjusting the temperature or steeping time without even having to adjust the amount of herbs you use. Tea can be used in hot or cold form, which means it can be made and stored for later use. The benefit of this is that you have it on hand when you need it the most.

Though most people don’t think of it, tea can also be used externally. Many teas are as beneficial as external healers as they are internal healers. You simply brew the tea as you normally would, then use it to dampen a cloth and apply it as a wash. You can also use steeped tea bags as compresses or combine your tea with beeswax to use as a salve.

You are in Charge

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in an over the counter or prescription drug? Even if you can pronounce the ingredients, the side effects are enough to make you want to stick with whatever ails you. Even a simple cough syrup can cause aneurysms and other serious side effects.

When you make your own tea, you’re only using the ingredients that you want to use. You don’t even have to use anything to process it. The herb is dried or kept until it is no longer useful, then thrown away. You can even hold onto a herb until it gets close to losing its usefulness, then make a tea that can be saved for later. You add the flavor you want and you make it to the strength you desire. In fact, every single part of the tea you make is put in their by your own choice. You can’t be any more in control of your health than that.

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The Top Ten Teas for Overall Body Health

You may have noticed the shelves of your local supermarket’s tea aisle are filling up with all sorts of different types of tea these days, and navigating through it can prove itself to be a real challenge. This is partly because of tea’s much-touted health benefits as a superfood; giving major health benefits in many different parts of the body and containing many important nutrients that have been shown to optimize health and vitality. If you are looking to find teas that will improve your overall health and enhance your day, this short guide will help with making the tea aisle selection process easier.

Green Tea: overall energizing, refreshing, and revitalizing

Stash Premium Green TeaGreen tea is one of the few ‘true teas’ because it is made by steaming the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which grows natively in India and China. It is highly concentrated with flavonoids such as ECGC, which have antioxidant properties that aid in preventing cancers of all types. Flavonoids are also linked to lower blood pressure and arterial clogging, and therefore may help prevent heart disease. Green tea is also a metabolic inducer, helping keep you awake and alert, and also reduces oxidative stress on the brain so you can think clearly. This tea is generally high in caffeine, although decaffeinated versions are now becoming more widely available.

Stash Premium Green Tea on Amazon | Learn more about Green Tea

Peppermint Tea: A soothing after dinner tea that helps digestion and mental clarity

Stash Peppermint Herbal TeaPeppermint has long been prescribed in capsule form for people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) because it helps with digestion and reduces flatulence. An after dinner cup of this herbal tea will also help sweeten your breath and soothe your muscle aches from the day, and the strong odor will clear your sinuses and help you think more clearly. Peppermint tea is herbal, meaning there is no caffeine to keep you awake at night, but is not recommended if you suffer from heartburn.

Stash Peppermint Herbal Tea on Amazon | Learn more about Peppermint Tea

Rose Hip Tea: A health booster tea for winter months, plane trips, studying for finals, or whenever your immune system Is under extra stress

Rose Hips Tea by AlvitaThe fruit of the common rose-bush (where those lovely flowers come from), rose hips are highly concentrated with Vitamin C, which is well-known for boosting the immune system.
Rose Hips Tea by Alvita on Amazon

Pu-Erh Tea: to help jump-start your new health and fitness routine

Uncle Lee's Imperial Organic Pu-Erh TeaLike Green tea, Pu-erh tea is a true tea, made by aging and fermenting the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant instead of boiling them as with Green tea. Thus, the tea is caffeinated for an energy boost and contains flavonoids in high concentrations, as well. It has been shown that the fermentation process used in creating Pu-erh tea produces probiotics, which aid in digestion and reduce weight gain while lowering levels of bad LDL cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Uncle Lee’s Imperial Organic Pu-Erh Tea on Amazon

Red Rooibos Tea: a daily dietary supplement, so you can drink your vitamins

Twinings African Rooibos Red TeaThis South African plant contains iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, manganese, potassium, and a host of other nutrients. The tea is fermented and does not contain the bitter tannins that characterize the taste of true teas, making it quite refreshing and more palatable for many. Red rooibos is caffeine-free, as well, making it appropriate to sip your supplement tea at any time of day.

Twinings African Rooibos Red Tea on Amazon

Chamomile Tea: to help you sleep

Stash Chamomile Herbal TeaChamomile tea calms your anxiety and relaxes the mind and muscles, so you can fall asleep naturally. A caffeine-free herbal tea, Chamomile also aids in digestion and can relieve the uncomfortable bloating that could prevent you from getting the rest you need, and helps with muscle cramps, too.

Stash Chamomile Herbal Tea on Amazon | Learn more about Chamomile Tea

Black Tea: helps you get up and GO!

Stash Black TeaAnother true tea, Black tea is made by the fermenting of the plant leaves. The tea has a powerful flavor that will excite taste buds, and the highest caffeine content of all teas, in addition to the antioxidants and other protective benefits. Black tea varieties are also the main ingredients in the popular Chai tea drinks. The caffeine acts over an extended period of time, as well, making Black tea the perfect option for a light boost over the course of several hours.

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Kombucha: A quick pick-me-up that’s better for you than soda.

Get Kombucha: Certified Organic Kombucha Tea BlendThe fermentation process used in making Kombucha not only makes it a probiotic, but also gives it ultra-refreshing natural carbonation. Flavorful and antioxidant, Kombucha has no caffeine, and helps regulate appetite. It also provides many other rare plant compounds and rare essential B-Vitamins such as Vitamin B12, making it an amazing supplement and a potent liver detoxifier. Learn how to make your own Kombucha Tea.

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White Tea: To detoxify your system for the long haul

Legends of China Organic White TeaThis is yet another true tea from the Camellia sinensis plant, made without any curing or fermenting of the leaves. Being the least processed, it has the most anticancer properties of all the teas, retaining more antioxidants and vitamins. It is best known for being served at Chinese food restaurants. In addition to being a great detoxifier, White tea does not undergo the level of processing that other true teas do, thus also retaining the rich levels of fluoride that strengthen teeth and bones.

Legends of China Organic White Tea on Amazon

Yerba Mate Tea: Enhances Alertness and mental focus

Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate TeaYerba Mate is considered a superfood in its own right. It comes from a native plant of South America and is incredibly rich in antioxidants, and although it contains high levels of caffeine, the caffeine is said to be balanced out by the high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The result is a strongly flavored drink that revs up metabolism and mental clarity without the jittery, anxious side effects you might experience when drinking other caffeinated beverages.

Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate Tea on Amazon

What is your favorite tea and why?

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February 10, 2016 10:05 am

I’ve been drinking a ton of tea lately and it’s a much more healthier option for getting caffeine. I don’t know how I didn’t discover this sooner. It’s now a part of my morning ritual. Thanks for sharing these tea recommendations, always looking for new flavors to try, will check these out!

September 30, 2012 8:44 pm

I am an avid and completely addicted coffee drinker, but recently I got sick and my friend suggested some tea. She claims that there was caffeine in it, although I would hardly say that it did anything for me since my tolerance is so high. The real benefit, though, was that it was actually very soothing and helped me feel more calm. I since have started to wean myself off of coffee especially at night, and even took to herbal teas before bedtime. It tastes good and there are teas that are specifically designed for digestive ease, soothing sore throats, boosting immunity, and so forth. It is a good feeling to know that I am connected to a long and meaningful tradition with drinking tea, too. I always thought of some pretentious old ladies with crumpets and huge hats when I thought of tea- totally not me, with my coffee mug and on-the-go lifestyle. When it comes down to it, though, tea benefits everyone, and for some reason I have really embraced the luxurious change of pace I feel when I start drinking a cup. Vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential nutrients, and soothing steam, that is tea to me.

Kathy Faust
September 20, 2012 5:19 am

Green, black, or white tea? Is one tea really better than the other? While many people claim that green tea is the superior of the three, there are benefits that black and white tea have that green tea doesn’t. Personally, I drink black and white teas because I cannot stand the taste of green tea. I’ve tried time and time again to drink it solely for its health benefits, but the taste is just too gnarly for me to handle. However, black tea has a wonderful taste and works well for Southern sweet tea. I like white tea because it is light in the flavor and makes wonderful fruit teas, which I drink quite a bit of in the colder weather.

I know there have been many claims to the benefits of tea. First of all, tea is loaded with antioxidants. But, what I really love about tea, is that it relaxes me. I don’t know why it relaxes me, but not only does it relieve stress, I can actually feel the tension in my muscles slipping away as I drink it. For me, that’s enough to drink tea on a daily basis. The fact that I may also be warding off cancer and heart disease is an added bonus.

September 14, 2012 10:18 pm

It’s interesting that you talk about tea being the first medicine. medicine. I never really thought about it that way. I don’t know why, but it actually makes sense. It sometimes feels like herbal medicine is a new thing, but when you think about it, that really doesn’t make sense either, because in the past, it was the only thing. It’s only new to us.

Sometimes nothing tastes better than a delicious cup of tea. One of the things that I really love about tea, is that it comes in such a variety of flavors and sometimes the effects are immediate. As it spreads through your body, warming every part of you, tea is so wholesome. Some teas really taste good as well. I like the feelings that I get from chamomile tea and lavender tea. Peppermint tea is also surprisingly relaxing but the experience of drinking peppermint is not quite as soothing as drinking the other two. However the effects of peppermint are sometimes stronger. You’re not going to feel out of your head when you drink these teas either, they just calm your nerves so that you can get a really pleasant night’s sleep.

Kathy Faust
September 13, 2012 11:44 am

Tea has been consumed for literally thousands of years. It’s hard to question whether or not is has any real health value. In fact, we seem to come up with more and more benefits of this wonderful brew each century. Whether it’s the ability to speed up weight loss or lower blood pressure, tea is something that more people should consider adding to their daily routine.

As a Southern girl, I drink tea on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I don’t drink my tea plain. My tea does contain a bit of sugar – okay it’s more than a bit, but at least I’m getting the benefits that black tea has to offer. As someone with high blood pressure, I find that tea offers a wonderful relaxing sensation after a stressful day. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer, I love a hot mug of tea when I’m stressed.

While I know that the caffeine in tea can have it’s own benefits, I much prefer to purchase decaffeinated tea. Not only do I think it tastes better, but I also like to drink tea in the evenings and don’t enjoy being up all night. I just hope it’s not possible to drink too much tea or I may be in trouble.

September 11, 2012 12:00 am

As I sit here writing this, I am actually drinking a hot cup of green tea and an ice cold glass of sweetened iced tea, that is how much I love it!

I used to be a pretty serious coffee drinker and I would turn up my nose to anyone that drank tea in my presence. I thought it was for English ladies and stuffy old men. Oh how wrong I was!

My first tea breakthrough came when I started drinking unsweetened green tea when I lived in Hawaii for a period of time. The Asian culture out there is very strong and they serve the hot beverage in many of the better dining establishments. It is known as a powerful aide to digestion and I can say first handed that it definitely works.

From that point, I started drinking iced green tea and then it was any other kind that I could get my hands on. I worked in a coffee shop for a while that had many varieties of gourmet teas and I tried nearly all of them. There is literally not one that I do not like.

Kathy Faust
September 7, 2012 6:50 am

I had never considered how much control you have when using tea for its health benefits. While there are a number of green tea supplements on the market, you have to consider the processing it takes to prepare the supplement. Not only might the supplement have fewer benefits than freshly brewed tea, but there may also be a number of side effects that can come with these supplements.

I really wish I enjoyed the flavor of green tea because I know it has a number of health benefits. Unfortunately, I can’t get past the flavor. I do enjoy black and white tea though and know they have some benefits as well.

Personally, I enjoy tea because I find drinking tea to be very relaxing. It’s an affordable and healthy way to unwind after a stressful day. I especially love to sip on hot tea in the winter and find that it offers relief from congestion and sore throats. As mentioned, you control what goes into tea and that gives you the option to add honey for additional benefits.

While I know that water is the healthiest drink, I make sure to drink tea on a daily basis due to its numerous health benefits.

Kathy Faust
September 1, 2012 8:43 pm

While I’m not a fan of green tea, I do find many benefits from drinking black tea. One reason I reach for tea is it calms me after a hard day. I can sit down with a hot cup of tea in the winter and feel all the tension in my back and neck slip away. The same goes for iced tea in the summertime. Of course, it’s also nice knowing that I’m drinking something that contains antioxidants and may even help with weight loss.

What I really love about tea though is how it helps sooth my sore throat and relieve congestion when I have a cold. I just sip away at the hot tea and let it do its magic. Of course, the addition of honey to sweeten the tea is also very beneficial.

While I do prefer black tea when I make sweet tea, I also enjoy white tea, especially if I’m having a flavored tea. The flavor of white tea is light enough that it doesn’t overpower the fruit flavors of the tea. Best of all, you can find a flavor to match almost any season. In the fall, I really love apple cranberry white tea.

August 31, 2012 5:53 pm

Where I live, people get into debates between coffee and tea. Which is better for people? My answer is tea. Tea usually has no caffeine, unless you purchase caffeinated tea. Tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, however. Caffeine can cause problems in your body such as urinary tract infections, hypertension and restlessness.

The benefits of drinking tea are endless! I have read articles on-line that say drinking green tea can help a person lose weight, promote a healthy metabolism and can give a person vital nutrients too. Whether or not that is correct, drinking green tea is good for someone.

The Chinese used green tea as medicine to treat many illnesses. However, black tea is good for a person too because you don’t need nearly as much sugar as you would for coffee and there is little to no caffeine. Tea is also a part of our history. The Boston Tea Party was when people in the United States were being taxed way too much for tea from the British. The citizens of the United States dumped crates of tea into the Boston Harbor in protest. The people wanted tea to treat their illnesses and so, drinking tea is healing to a person.

Kathy Faust
August 28, 2012 5:51 am

When I was younger, the women around me did not drink alcohol. For them, tea was the thing that soothed their nerves while their husbands were out sitting at the bar. We would all sit around the table waiting in anticipation for the tea to get done. I think more problems got solved and dealt with around those cups of tea than at any other time in our house. It is a shame that today so many people turn to alcohol instead. I never saw anyone drive funny after drinking some homemade tea. I miss those days. I am sure some of the men enjoyed a hot cup of tea too, but in our house, it was the women sitting around sipping tea that made the day end well.

Today I rarely have time to sit around and sip a cup of tea with the ladies and that truly is a shame. Between life and school and work, there just does not seem to be a moment to spare. But I do have time to show my own children the benefits of tea. They each have their favorite ones and some of them have their favorite uses. All is not lost yet!

August 26, 2012 4:07 am

I like iced tea, I like hot tea, I like almost all tea types available out there… yes I am an ardent tea fan! It tastes wonderful. When people ask me why I like tea, I simply say, “It’s relaxing and it makes me feel better.”

After reading your article, I have plenty of information on tea’s benefits, now I have much more information on why tea is great. Some points were so impressive that I now want to get my family to drink tea every day and make it a habit from now on. I especially loved the way you explained the benefits of infusion. I had never imagined that tea had so many health benefits.

After reading this article, I want to know more about tea. I can’t wait to do my own research on the scientific basis for the medical benefits of tea. I think that the scientific explanation would help me in my attempts to try to shift my family’s drinking habit from coffee to tea. Also, I am starting to become interested in how one processes tea leaves to store them for longer periods of time. Lastly, before I give it to my family, I’m going to make sure I know what health problems tea cures and when one should avoid drinking tea.

August 14, 2012 11:11 pm

For most of my adult life, I was a coffee drinker only and I thought tea was strictly for ladies and English guys who were mostly foppish and womanly. Boy was I wrong.

I spent some time overseas in an Asian country where I learned to drink and love the beverage known only as green tea. Now, I know there are many variations of green tea and the ways you can drink it, but I fell in love with the straight regular green tea that at best can be described as an “acquired taste”. But I think realistically, all hot drinks like coffee and tea are an acquired taste that you ultimately get used to and grow to appreciate for their other benefits.

With green tea, I feel like I am getting the added benefit of a little caffeine boost as well as the digestive benefits and the antioxidants that are inherently found in its make up. I also like the flavor these days as well. Even the unsweetened stuff you drink in restaurants I find to be delicious.

Kathy Faust
August 13, 2012 3:42 pm

I think one of the things I like the most about tea is that it has so many uses. You do not even have to drink it to benefit from it. You can make a paste from it, you want make a wash from it. I mean, talk about nature’s gift. A few of the right herbs and some hot water makes healthy living so much easier than trying to remember to take a bunch of pills every day.

My doctor already knows if I have to come see her, medication is not the first step we will be taking. She tells me what is wrong or what I am lacking in. Then we try to figure out what foods and teas will help me. If I am sick, I do not want to put more poison in my body. I would rather just use a tea to make me feel better. Heck, I fee better just knowing I am doing things the way nature intended.

I even have fun doing the research for my teas. I like to learn about the different things that herbs can do and I love learning about the external uses of tea as well as the internal uses of tea. Call me a dork if you like, but I am a dork on my way to healthy living habits.

August 8, 2012 12:31 am

I often see these lists of super foods online and on a lot of different people’s blogs and in magazines, and after reading this article; I started wondering if tea was a super food.

In so many ways, it influences your body. It is also bioavailable because the liquid goes right into your bloodstream. The herbs that you use and infuse into the water are often quite strong and can be quite powerful.

Another great thing about tea is that you can always control the strength of the tea you’re drinking. You can control whether or not you have a strong brew.

Another obvious benefit of tea, I feel, is that it is an inexpensive beverage. You just add a little bit of sweetener to it and some lemon juice, and you can make pitchers and pitchers of it for just a couple of dollars.

I actually purchased about 200 tea bags once for something like two dollars and those tea bags lasted me for a really long time, and they made several pitchers of tea. In fact, several is too low of a number. They probably made me somewhere between 10 and 20 pictures of tea.

Kathy Faust
August 7, 2012 10:23 pm

I live on a few acres that happens to have a decent amount of trees on it. I also live in the area that got hit hard with the storms this year. Side winds and hail damaged and even killed some of my trees. Because there was not enough water in the ground to help the trees stay rooted in, some of them were blown straight out of the ground. I was so upset!

I was already planning to plant some trees this spring, and now I lost some to the storms. Then I realized that they were sassafras trees. You can make tea from the roots of the sassafras tree. That is not the only part that you can make tea from, but the root really does make a great tea.

Normally I buy my teas. I do not have the knowledge or the plants to make the variety of teas that I like to keep around the house. But my grandmother taught me to make sassafras tea and it happens to be a great tea all on its own, but also enhances the flavor of other medicinal teas. Of course I hate that I lost any trees, but I now have a great addition to my tea collection.

Kathy Faust
August 4, 2012 10:06 pm

I can’t even begin to list all the benefits of tea. It used to be something I went to as a last resort, but now I have a full collection that includes a variety of teas. They each have their own uses, though sometimes I have a cup of tea just because I want a cup of tea. I do use them primarily for their medicinal qualities. I really wish I had more time and knew more about herbs because I would love to make my own teas more often. For now, I am just glad there is so much information out there about what various teas can treat. And sometimes I just stumble on it by accident.

For instance, a while back my hands were hurting because I was doing more typing than usual. A friend of mine was over and we took a walk in the woods. As we were walking, we were talking about my hands. She pointed out a plant that I could make a tea from to help them. It was a weed that was growing all over! I drank one cup of it and my hands did not hurt for a full month.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea any day than to go to the doctor, pay an outlandish bill, and then go get some pills with ingredients I can’t even pronounce. Nope, I’ll just keep adding to my tea collection.

July 28, 2012 12:48 am

I admittedly never used to drink tea. As an American, I drink coffee and I always thought tea was the weaker, less flavorful cousin of coffee that didn’t give me the caffeine jolt that I generally was after. However, after I discovered how many different kinds of tea there are and all the different ways it can be beneficial, I drink it almost as much if not more than coffee on a regular basis.

My favorite kind of tea is green tea that is full of antioxidants and has a more gentle effect on my system than the more highly caffeinated versions of teas and coffees for the most part. I drink it when I have a cold or sore throat and it helps soothe my symptoms as well as helps me with recovery. I also like to drink it as an after-meal beverage that helps me digest the food I have just eaten.

It really is an amazing beverage and I suggest you find a kind that you like to have too. You can flavor it with honey or sugar to taste and the benefits are plentiful.

Kathy Faust
July 25, 2012 9:35 pm

I drink tea on a daily basis. I love that I’m getting antioxidants, but what I really love is how tea seems to take away any stress I feel. It doesn’t matter if I’m stressed over work or just tired – I can drink a glass of sweet tea and immediately feel relaxed. While I know sweet tea isn’t the healthiest form of tea, I do opt for black tea and choose decaffeinated tea so that I’m making some healthier choices.

I know that caffeinated tea has many more benefits than decaffeinated, but I also know that caffeine causes many health problems as well. While caffeinated tea may help you lose weight, it can also be hard on the heart if drank in large quantities. It can also affect your sleep and cause many other health issues.

I have tried many varieties of tea and while I can’t stand green tea, I really enjoy white tea. I love that you can not only enjoy different flavors from tea, but that you can enjoy different benefits based on the type you drink and even depending on how its brewed.

The best part is that tea is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, which means that you can begin enjoying the benefits immediately.

Kathy Faust
July 19, 2012 8:20 am

I probably rely on tea for medicine than I do on anything else. I come from a long line of devoted coffee drinkers, so I am always drinking something hot. I was drinking coffee all day long, even in the summer. I did this for years, but then I started reading about different kinds of teas.

I found out that I have high blood pressure. Coffee was not doing me any favors. Before this, I would sometimes drink tea for specific health benefits, but it was not something drank every morning. But when I found out I had high blood pressure, I switched out my coffee for tea for the most part. I still like a cup of coffee now and then, but since I started drinking more tea, there are things I have noticed about coffee that I never really paid attention to before.

Now, I find myself drinking some kind of tea all the time. I don’t like to put anything but lemon in my tea, so even just that small change has helped out since I am not getting the sugar that I used to get from vanilla creamer. I feel better, I’m losing weight, and even my skin looks better.

July 17, 2012 10:40 pm

Yes, tea is truly awesome. Perhaps nothing is more soothing when I am under the weather than a good cup of tea. I really love tea. It can do so many good things for your body.

I have had tea that relaxes me, tea that wakes me up, tea that helps with pain relief ad even tea that puts me right to sleep. One thing you have to be careful with when it comes to trying new teas though is allergies. Even if you don’t have major allergies, you might find that you are allergic to a tea that you have never tried before.

People that have allergies to things like ragweed can be especially susceptible to tea allergies, because after all, tea is a plant, like ragweed. Some of them are even made up of the same elements as the plant you are allergic to.

When you are going through a sickness, tea is great but also when you are just looking for an overall body tonic, you should consider tea as well, because of how well your body can absorb its nutrients. I love how this article discusses that. Taking pills can never compare to a hot infusion.

July 14, 2012 12:50 am

There is no question that tea is one of the most popular drinks in the history of the world. Tea is drunk by more people than any other drink except for water, and it is used in virtually every country around the globe. What are some reasons for this tremendous popularity?

The article actually brings up a number of good points which relate to some reasons for its popularity. According to historians, one of the first uses of tea was as a medicine. It was much easier to take a herb and make it into a tea, than to worry about grinding it down into a paste and then taking extra steps to get it ready for human consumption.

Tea has also always been easy to digest. Even if someone was too sick to drink, they could usually take some liquid. Tea was an almost perfect medicinal delivery system. The vital ingredients not only got into the person, but they made it into the blood stream very quickly as well.

Finally, tea tastes great. There are so many different varieties that everyone is bound to find one they like!

Kathy Faust
July 11, 2012 6:39 pm

Tea is the one thing I keep coming back to and keep wondering why I ever went away from it. Every time I get the look from my doctor right before she starts rattling off numbers and statistics, I stop on the way home and stock up on tea. I do not just replace my coffee with it. I replace just about every drink in the house with it. I drink tea plain, hot, cold, with honey, or with lemon. I even have my son hooked on it.

But every now and then I get swayed by soda. And then it’s the milk. Neither of these things are doing me any good. And of course I always worry about my weight. Yet, when I went on a low cholesterol diet that was largely made up of tea, I lose ten pounds in the first week. I was eating the same amount of food I always did, but I was drinking tea instead of coffee and pop. It really gave my immune system a boost and I could even tell the difference in my skin. But, keep in mind that tea helps you to detox your body, so you might break out for the first couple of days. After that though, you will be impressed.

July 7, 2012 12:57 am

Tea is one of the oldest drinks known to humans. It is has been made or brewed for centuries. Although the article does not say this, I think tea is so old that its exact discovery and even who the first person to drink a form of tea are both shrouded in mystery.

As this article points out, there are a great many benefits of tea. The first of course is that it tastes great. Since so many different types of herbs and leaves can be made into a tea, there really is quite a variety to choose from. Whatever your taste, you can be sure that there will be a type of tea that you will like.

Tea is also very easy to ingest. This was very important in the earlier centuries. As the concept of medicine was much more primitive, it was imperative to have an easy delivery system to get the medicine into the body. By infusing some type of medicinal herb or other plant (or leaf), the medicine entered into the liquid and was much more readily digested.

Kathy Faust
July 2, 2012 10:22 pm

I really enjoy my tea time. It’s a time that brings back memories and a time when I can just relax and enjoy the moment. Unlike coffee I can choose a different flavor each time I have some tea. I can also choose which tea is going to be the most beneficial for me. And since I do enjoy tea so much, I have learned that you can’t just buy any old tea and expect it to be the same as a quality tea. I have found a couple of tea companies that make the best teas and I won’t buy them from anyone else.

Part of the process of picking someone to buy your tea from is research. The Internet makes that part pretty easy. What you don’t want to do is go into the cheapest store you can shop at and just pick up whatever tea they offer. I’m not saying you won’t benefit at all from them, but quality tea makers know how to process the herbs so that you get the most benefit from them. Don’t forget, tea is not just to treat ailments. It’s to prevent them as well, so tea makers are not worried about trying to keep your business by keeping you sick. It’s in their best interest to keep you healthy so you come back.

July 2, 2012 1:18 am

Tea is one of the oldest and most used drinks known to man. This was actually one of the first ways discovered to help the body get the medicine it needed to recover from many different types of diseases, illnesses and ailments. One of the best ways this was accomplished was by taking plants and herbs (and possibly other substances) and infusing them in hot water. This transferred over the properties of those substances to the water, which could then be drunk as a type of tea.

This was probably one the largest developments in the history of ancient medicine. Through infusion, it was much easier for an ill person to actually ingest the nutrients they needed. In many cases, you might even be too sick to really eat whole foods.

The infusion method also works very well for helping the body to absorb nutrients. Since they are already in a liquid form, the body does not need to break down the solids and then need to separate the good from the bad. In other words, absorption of the helpful nutrients is a much more direct process.