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Mint Leaves: Benefits of Peppermint TeaWhat is peppermint? Peppermint is a well-known herb that is best known by its distinctive odor. Peppermint is a hybrid herb with such a distinct taste that one drop can flavor thousands of packs of gum. The extract in non-diluted form can even be damaging to living tissue. However, peppermint has some well-known healing qualities as well as some qualities that you may not be aware of.

How to Make Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint tea is one of the easiest teas to make. It’s made the same as most herbal teas with the exception that it only needs to steep for a short time, three to five minutes is enough. You don’t actually boil the tea. You can let it boil as a reference point of the temperature, but then allow it to drop below the boiling point before adding your tea bag. This is the method used to get the most medicinal benefit from the tea. If you prefer to drink it for taste alone, feel free to use another method. You can even add peppermint tea to other teas in order to give them a peppermint flavor. In the video below you’ll learn how to make organic peppermint tea.

What Nutrients Are in Peppermint?

Peppermint has a wealth of useful nutrients for your body. Vitamin C, manganese, omega-3, and tryptophan are just some of the things you’ll find in peppermint. Because of this, peppermint has a direct impact on more than one system.

Limits of Peppermint

Like anything you ingest, you need to be sure you aren’t allergic to peppermint before you ingest large quantities of it. Even if you aren’t allergic to it, peppermint can be as dangerous as any medicinal herb if too much is ingested. For instance, this herb can block iron absorption and lower testosterone levels. Those who are anemic should be especially careful when consuming this herb. Those who don’t have medical issues that may be worsened by consuming this tea should still limit their intake to about five cups of tea a day.

Digestive Benefits

Peppermint tea is particularly beneficial to the digestive system. If you tend to have problems with heartburn, flatulence or diarrhea, this is the tea you’re looking for. Keep in mind that the tea will only treat the symptoms. Usually, such symptoms are red flags for medical conditions that may need further attention. For example, diarrhea is your body’s way of purging something unhealthy that you consumed or that you are unable to process foods properly because of an underlying condition. Visit your doctor to learn about the underlying problem and let them know you are treating the symptoms with peppermint tea.

You can also reduce heartburn caused by the foods you eat by drinking peppermint tea. In fact, one of the best things you can do for your digestive system is to drink peppermint tea with a slice of lemon or lime. This helps remove plaque from your bowels or prevent it from building up.

Pain Reduction

If you suffer from muscle aches due to overworked muscles or chronic pain associated with an illness or other medical problem, you can use peppermint tea to reduce your pains. Try to drink the tea before the pain becomes overwhelming. Use the tea in moderation to avoid further complications.

Cardiovascular Benefits

If you’ve ever had a cold and been exposed to peppermint tea, you already know that it’s very helpful in clearing your airways. It also helps reduce the effects of asthma. Don’t forget that peppermint tea also helps prevent bad breath and is far better for you than a sugar filled piece of gum. If you have a sore throat, drink peppermint tea with about a teaspoon of honey. The tea will improve your breathing while the honey will coat your sore throat, thereby reducing the pain.


If you suffer from outbreaks due to herpes, know that drinking peppermint tea can reduce the frequency and severity of your outbreaks. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any medicinal conflicts before using this method to reduce or prevent outbreaks.

Mood Enhancer

People who drink this tea aren’t just in a good mood because they drank such a great tasting tea. There’s actually a chemical process going on. Peppermint tea contains tryptophan, which is vital to the production of serotonin. Serotonin is the main factor when it comes to mood regulation. People who are depressed take medication to raise their serotonin levels so they are able to recover from spells of depression sooner.

Like any other method of treatment, peppermint tea works best if you use it before symptoms become overwhelming. You don’t take an aspirin and expect it to put an end to a migraine. If you monitor your own mood and environment, you may be able to recognize the signs of a coming spell of depression. Have a few cups of tea and see if you feel any better. You can drink the tea while you’re depressed and you may experience good results, but being proactive usually yields better results.

Hair Growth Reducer

As women age and their hormones begin to change, they may experience hair growth in places they aren’t very pleased about. The process of aging is painful enough without having to see it in the form of hair on a woman’s chin. Five cups of peppermint tea a day is a recipe that has been known to reduce androgen in women, which in effect, reduces the growth of hair in unwanted places.


Believe it or not, peppermint tea is also useful as a shampoo. Brew the tea as usual, and then wash your hair with it. You’ll find that you have silky shiny hair that smells great.

What’s your favorite use for peppermint tea?

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