Our Review Process

Green thumb

When it comes to living on our great planet Earth, there are a number of things you can do to help preserve it for generations to come. But with so much information out there, it can become overwhelming to know where to start digging. At Earth’s Friends, we bring together all the best tips, products and research of what’s on the web into one, eco-friendly place. We’re your go-to guide full of comprehensive (and sometimes compost-able) information for protecting our Mother Earth. We think green whenever possible and guarantee all of our content has been sourced from only the most organic, non-GMO sources. But there are a few other things we take into consideration too.

What we Consider in Our Reviews:

  • Does it help our readers?
  • What do others think of or say about this issue or product?
  • Is it fairly priced?
  • Does the company have ethical and sustainable practices?
  • Would we use this product?
  • How reliable is the source?

Whether we are reviewing green cleaners, solar panels, cloth baby diapers or hybrid cars, we focus on pruning, nurturing and tending to each and every article so it will grow into a strong, beautiful article. That way you can reap the benefits from it and make the most informed purchase or decision.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Our team of writers practice what we preach. We also truly believe in the topics and endorse the products we cover. Experience and passion builds trust with our audience. Bottom line, if it’s something we wouldn’t do or use, then we won’t write nice things about it. Like farmers who don’t always have enough land, we might not always have enough time or resources to experience everything first-hand. However, we have built an irrigation system that includes researching and interviewing others to produce plentiful crops for all. At our core, we truly believe in being unbiased on all topics which allows us to stay down to earth.

Feel free to read our terms of use or our disclosure page if you wish to clear the air some more. And, if you still have any questions or concerns, we’re here for you and can be reached via our contact page or on social media.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you give us two (green) thumbs up for the hard work we do!

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