Best Tea Subscription Box: Adagio vs Teavana vs Republic Of Tea & More

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Tea bags in subscription boxIf you’re a big tea fan, you should consider a monthly tea box subscription. Many monthly tea services that deliver directly to your doorstep to choose from. Which is the best tea of the month club for you? We’ve reviewed and categorized them depending on the type of “tea drinker” you are — and we have reviews of other companies that might suit your needs.

Many of the companies we review here offer organic and fair-trade teas, and many also are committed to eco-friendly and socially responsible practices in the tea-growing industry around the world. So, get your mug filled with warm water and find your perfect cup of tea.

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Best Tea Subscription Boxes

We’ve broken down our top picks for tea subscription boxes based on the experience you’re looking for, either as a gift for a loved one or for indulging yourself. Here are our best-of winners:

All-In-One: BlendBee | Newbies: Simple Loose Leaf | Organic: Art of Tea | Fair Trade: Plum Deluxe 

Best All-In-One: BlendBee Review

BlendBee teas

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BlendBee is our “Best All In One” pick because it includes the bag, scoop and two reusable muslin tea bags, so you’ve got everything you need to make your tea as soon as you open your package. Every month, they’ll send you two 2-oz. bags of tea, totaling 40-60 cups of tea.

You pick your own loose-leaf blends (caffeinated or decaf), and you can choose your delivery frequency from every 30, 60 or 90 days. Subscriptions are month-to-month (or per delivery choice), so you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract.



  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Two large bags of loose tea per month (customizable)
  • Receive a reusable muslin tea bag and 3g scoop
  • Sources from small fair-trade farms worldwide
  • Build-your-own blend option with up to 10 ingredients to choose from
  • Subscription automatically renews, regardless of the delivery frequency you choose, so there are no prepay finite long-term plans like other clubs offer


Opt for caffeinated (green, black and white teas), decaffeinated (herbal and rooibos blends) or a mix of both.

Best For Newbies: Simple Loose Leaf Review

Simple Loose Leaf Box

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We’ve chosen Simple Loose Leaf as our pick for new tea connoisseurs because, unlike competitors, Simple Loose Leaf sends out a variety of teas for you to explore and see what your taste preferences are. You get to try many different teas with this tea club of the month.

Each monthly tea box shipment includes 4 teas (10 grams each) in resealable pouches and reusable organic linen tea filters. You can choose from their Original Sampler, Herbal Decaf, Black Tea or Green Tea boxes.

If you join the monthly plan, you pay each month. If you join the 3, 6 or 12-month plans, you must prepay all at once.



  • 4 loose-leaf bags per month
  • 4 different boxes (with a lot of blend varieties) to choose from
  • Several subscription options
  • Discounts on 6 and 12-month plans
  • Shipping is $2.99 per box
  • No mention on their website about eco-friendly practices, fair trade or organic teas


  • Monthly Plan: $10/month + shipping
  • 3-Month Plan: $30/month + shipping
  • 6 Month: $57/month + shipping
  • Year: $108/year + shipping
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Best Organic: Art Of Tea Review

Art of Tea box

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If you want to try a variety of teas, Art of Tea has you covered. They ship teas from all over the world to your doorstep, ready for you to steep and enjoy. Art of Tea offers 5 options. Their Caffeine Free, Classic and Explore boxes include 4 oz. of loose leaf tea; Single Origin is 2 oz. of loose leaf tea; and Pyramid is 12 tea bags in a box.

They offer 3, 6 or 12-month subscription options that ship every month. If you’re looking for an organic tea subscription box, Art of Tea has many to choose from.



  • Free shipping in the contiguous U.S. with orders over $50
  • 85% of teas are “Organic Certified”*
  • Sustainably sourced and fair-trade teas available
  • No month-to-month subscription option (you must commit to at least 3 months)

*Organic Certified, according to the Art of Tea website:

Grown, processed and handled within the parameters of certain established international standards whose requirements include exclusive use of: purified garden soils, approved organic fertilizers & pest controls, processing methods, packaging, labeling, shipping, storage, handling, traceability and re-packing. All organic processes must be certified by an international agency and are strictly monitored. Our teas are certified by CCOF and we currently have the largest variety of organic tea blends available for purchase in the US.


  • 3-Month tea subscription: $54
  • 6-Month tea subscription: $107
  • 12-Month tea subscription: $198
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Best Fair Trade: Plum Deluxe Review

Plum Deluxe Tea Of The Month Club box items spread out

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Plum Deluxe offers organic, fair trade tea. The teas are seasonal, so they are delicious to enjoy during the time of year you receive them. Each month, you receive your tea as well as a small sample of another tea.

Each shipment includes approximately one ounce per tea, which is enough to make 15 to 20 cups. Plum Deluxe charges quarterly for its monthly club. You can pause or cancel anytime, but they don’t offer refunds for months you’ve already prepaid.



  • Free shipping
  • Receive a free sample of another tea each month
  • Organic and fair-trade teas
  • Only option is caffeinated or decaf (can’t choose specific varieties)
  • No month-to-month payment option, only quarterly


  • $7.50/month for 1/2 oz. of one tea
  • $10/month for 1 oz. one tea
  • $16/month for two teas (1 oz. each)
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Other Monthly Tea Box Reviews

Although these tea clubs didn’t make our best-of list, they’re worth consideration.

Adagio | Republic Of Tea | Sips by | Teabox | Teavana

Adagio Review

Adagio box

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Adagio offers six loose tea clubs: flavored, herbal, decaf, white/oolong, black and green. Choose your favorite tea variety and then select the 6 or 12-month subscription. Deliveries arrive every other month, so each package includes two months of loose tea. Each shipment contains enough tea for 75 cups.

You can change clubs or cancel your subscription at any time. According to reviews we’ve read, the first order comes in 4-oz. tins, and the following orders come in plastic bags.



  • Shipping included in pricing
  • First order comes in tins
  • Carbon Offset program partnership with South Pole
  • All teas come directly from growers around the globe
  • No short-term subscription options (only 6 or 12 months)
  • Bi-monthly, not monthly shipments
  • Complaints of some teas being poor-quality


6 Months12 Months

Republic Of Tea Review

Republic of Tea box

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Republic of Tea’s Tea of the Month Clubs are mostly bags; only one club has full leaf tea. This is a big con in our opinion. If you’re spending $80+ on tea for a club, you expect it to be high quality.

The tea leaves used in bags are typically the “dust and fannings” from broken full leaves. Finely broken tea leaves lose most of their aroma and oils, which results in a bitter taste, which is why Republic of Tea is not the best tea bag subscription box. We recommend purchasing full leaf tea, especially if you’re joining a club.



  • Includes a 10 oz. mug w/ lid and stainless steel infuser
  • Tea sent in canisters
  • Partners with Ethical Tea Partnership and other nonprofits to promote socially and environmentally friendly practices
  • No short-term subscription options (only 6 or 12 months)
  • Only one club has loose leaf tea; the rest are bags


  • Citizens’ Favorites Tea of the Month (36 or 50 tea bags/month): $99 (6 months) or $170 (12 months)
  • Black Tea of the Month (50 tea bags/month): $80 (6 months) or $160 (12 months)
  • Green Tea of the Month (50 tea bags/month): $99 (6 months) or $170 (12 months)
  • Caffeine-Free Decaf Tea of the Month (36 or 50 tea bags/month): $99 (6 months) or $170 (12 months)
  • Wellness Tea of the Month (36 tea bags/month): $90 (6 months) or $160 (12 months)
  • Full-Leaf Experience Tea of the Month: $120 (6 months)
  • View all plans
  • View individual products on Amazon

Sips by Review

Sips by tea box in woman's hands

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Sips by is a female-owned popular startup that ships premium teas blended by partner brands. Their monthly subscription boxes include a variety of loose leaf tea, tea bags, pyramid sachets and tea drops — one of the tea brands they partner with, Tea Drops, produces organic pressed teas that dissolve in hot water.

Each month, you get 4 different teas that make a total of 15+ cups or 45+ re-steeped cups of tea. You can create a profile about your tea variety and flavor preferences, and they find the best matches for you from over 150 tea brands around the world.



  • Free shipping in the U.S.
  • Personalized based on your profile
  • Loose-leaf teas come with organic, biodegradable filters
  • Comes with steeping guides and tasting notes
  • Discounts for 6 and 12-month plans
  • Pricey for the amount of tea you get each month compared to Simple Loose Leaf
  • Not all teas are loose leaf


  • 1 Month: $15
  • 3 Months: $45
  • 6 Months: $84
  • 12 Months: $165
  • View all plans

Teabox Review

Teabox box

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Each Teabox shipment includes 5 premium teas (1.05 oz each) for a total of 60-75 cups per month. The boxes are themed according to the time of year you receive them. Many of its teas are from India and Nepal, so you can explore those areas through the tea flavors and information on their website about each region and type of tea.



  • Free shipping
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • Loose leaf tea sourced directly from farmers in India and Nepal
  • Expensive compared to other companies we review here
  • No mention on their website about eco-friendly practices, fair trade or organic teas


  • 1-month plan: $39.99/month
  • 3-month plan: $36.00/month
  • View all plans


Our link above applies discounts if available

Teavana Review

Teavana box

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Teavana used to offer a Tea of the Month Club but no longer does. It is a popular tea company, so we’ve opted to keep it in this review for you to consider. Teavana sells many varieties of tea, so you could create your own form of a tea box by selecting different varieties regularly.

Teavana is committed to sustainable farming practices and works with the Ethical Tea Partnership and UNICEF to improve the lives of women, children and families in Assam, India, a large tea-growing area.

How To Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Are you new to the idea of brewing loose leaf tea? The video below will help you steep your first cup of tea.

Do You Need A Tea Kettle?

Now that you’ve found the perfect tea, you need the perfect teapot. Read our teapot reviews to make sure you have the best equipment for the tastiest cup of tea. We review a variety of teapots, from electric to cordless to quiet and more.

What’s your favorite kind of tea?

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