Can I Adopt A Penguin?

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A bunch of South African penguins on Boulders Beach (Caption: Can I Adopt A Penguin?)

Having just attended my sister’s wedding at the Baltimore zoo, animals, and in particularly penguins, have been on my mind more than usual. And yes believe it or not there was a penguin there for us to take our photos with. And ironically, while masks for COVID-19 weren’t required, masks for taking a picture with the penguin were, because of an Avian flu outbreak.

Why Adopt a Penguin?

Ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate as a result of climate change, causing penguins to lose their homes and their food supply. In some areas, the penguin population has decreased by as much as 80%.

How Can I Adopt A Penguin?

You can adopt a penguin by visiting, who the NY Times recently called “an of the nonprofit world.”

How Does It Work And What’s My Impact?

For a $50 donation, you will enable Defenders of Wildlife to work with automakers and members of Congress to raise the standard fuel efficiency of cars and trucks. In addition, your gift will help Defenders work to promote increased reliance on alternative fuels such as wind and solar, as well as an increased efficiency of our standard household appliances. As a result, you are helping Defenders save penguins and other imperiled wildlife.

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