Veggetti Reviews: A New Twist on Veggies

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Veggetti ReviewsWe’re all about eating (and growing) our veggies at Earth’s Friends. That’s why when we discovered the Veggetti, we were beyond thrilled to see a gadget that gives a whole new “twist” (pun intended) to how you normally enjoy your vegetables.

Pronounced “Veh-geh-tee” (get it, like Veggie but rhymes with spaghetti) the Veggetti is a great entry-level spiralizer that will give you a fresh-cut, pasta alternative without the trouble or expense.

Read on to find out more about how to use the Veggetti in our detailed review or check out how Veggetti stacks up against the competition in our full Vegetable Spiralizer Review.


3.85 / 5
Blad Sharpness 3.5
Safety 2.5
Durability 2.5
Price 5.0
Ability to Clean 5.0
Storage 4.5


  • Lightweight ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold
  • Small and easy to store
  • 2-Blade system for thick and thin options
  • Inexpensive so little risk to try it out
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Sharp blades can cut your fingers if not careful
  • Not durable enough to last over time
  • Thin setting doesn’t work on all vegetables


  • Price:  $9.99

Note: Buyer beware, there is a Veggetti knock-off that is out there and seems to be getting tons of bad reviews – so we recommend getting the official Veggetti so you don’t end up with a dud.

How to Use the Veggetti Spiralizer

Skeptical of just another “As Seen on TV” gimmick, I was excited to crack into the package and try out the Vegetti on a cucumber. In less than 5 minutes, and in 5 easy steps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results! It’s pretty fool-proof, but here’s how to use!

Step 1: Clean

But before you begin, gently rinse, wash and dry your veggies (and the Veggetti too, especially if it’s your first time using it).

cut and clean cucumber with vegetti

Step 2: Cut

Next, cut off the end of the vegetable. That gives it a good, crisp end to catch on to when you start the slicing process.

cut off the end of cucumber with veggetti

Step 3: Twist

Now you’re ready for the magic to happen. Insert the cucumber into the Veggetti and slowly but firmly twist over a bowl.

Note: Be sure to use the safety guard on the end of the cucumber (or whatever veggie you use) to keep your fingers from getting sliced – when you get close to the end the blade can snag your finger (and did mine!).

Twist veggetti

Step 4: Discard

I noticed on the other end of the plastic funnel, the seeds were all building up – I guess that’s how the veggie slices turn out so crunchy! If you compost, these seeds would be great to put into your bin.

Discard seeds from veggetti

Step 5: Eat

Last, but not least, you get to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labor. There are a number of things you can do with the “noodles” – boil them like pasta, chop them into slaw, sauté them for a stir fry, but I drizzled mine with olive oil, white vinegar and salt and pepper and it was a yummy and filling raw snack.

Season and eat zoodles
The Veggetti actually lived up to my expectations and the wow-factor almost had me in disbelief at how a cucumber was instantly transformed into a bowl of noodles. Now my wheels are spinning thinking of all the cooking possibilities! As someone who eats gluten-free, I am especially thrilled to have a way to enjoy pasta in a new (healthier) way. (Just need to not cut my finger next time!).

Veggetti  Reviews – What Other Chefs Say…

When we do any review, we like to take into consideration what others think too! While we might love a product and have a great experience, others might have a different take. So, we compile lots of research from independent review sites, blogs and social media. Here are just a few of the common themes we saw when talking about the Veggetti.

Positive Veggetti Reviews

The Veggetti effortlessly churned out “noodles” from zucchini, potatoes, and cucumbers. Score! – The Hungry Girl Blog 3/31/2014

I used this product to spiralize some zucchini for a recipe. It worked perfectly! It made perfect streams of zucchini for my dish. It could not be easier to use! And it has two sides, one for thinner, one for thicker spirals. Great little kitchen gadget! – Kitchengoddess, Walmart 3/18/2016

Negative Veggetti Reviews

Unfortunately, this “spiralizer” didn’t spiralize anything. First off the strands are flat like fettucine, not round like spaghetti. There were no spirals, it was more like thin ribbons and julienne cuts. I did not get one strand out of it since they kept breaking off after about a few turns and I ended up with a bunch of 1″-2″ pieces (reminded me of coleslaw). Then there was a bunch of mush left in the middle of it which was difficult to get out since there are exposed blades in that area. I would give it a 0 if I was allowed because it did not perform as it states and the hazard of cutting fingers just to try to clean it. – mama2desi, Walmart 12/5/2016

I used this on zucchini and the zucchini kept breaking off down inside the twister and it was difficult to get out the broken piece. Wasted half of my zucchinis by the time I was done trying to spiralize 10 zucchini. – HeySuz, Walmart 7/24/2015

Veggetti: As Seen On TV

If you’re still wondering if it’s too good to be true, check out this infomercial that shows the Veggeti in action.

Veggies In A Whole New Way…

Want to learn more about Spiralizers like the vegeti or think you’re ready to upgrade to something to handle more heavy duty cooking jobs? Check out our full Vegetable Spiralizer Review.

What’s your favorite recipe to make with your Veggetti?

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