Organic Bouquet Reviews: Reducing the Chemicals in Our World

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Bouquet of rosesEditor’s note: Organic Bouquet appears to have shut down in early 2018. Please visit our online flower delivery reviews for other alternatives.

Organic flowers reduce the toxic chemicals used in our world and in your home. Pesticides and other chemicals can be transferred to florists and farmers which can then result in dermatitis on their hands.

By ordering from Organic Bouquet, you are guaranteeing there are no chemicals used on your flowers. Your organic flowers will also be more fragrant and have a longer bloom life. Read more about Organic Bouquet in our review.

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Article Overview

Organic Bouquet

4.15 / 5
Organic Bouquet
Customer Service & Reputation 3.8
Pricing 4.0
Options to Choose From 3.5
Areas for Delivery 4.5
Eco-Friendly Practices 5.0


  • Best Eco-friendly practices we've seen, with Veriflora and Fair Trade designations
  • Huge charitable contributions
  • Consumer reviews of customer service are positive
  • Competitive product and service/shipping pricing
  • Rewards program


  • Smaller selection than many other services
  • No wedding or personalized gift options
  • Can't customize floral arrangements
  • Cancellation policy not available on their website
  • No 24/7 customer service
  • No UPS delivery on Sundays or Mondays

Key Features

  • Devoted to environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Grown with no pesticides
  • Company practices fair trade and has high labor standards
  • Packaging is eco-friendly

Organic Bouquet Price

  • $59.95 for one dozen classic red roses (no vase)
  • $17.95 next-day shipping

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Organic Bouquet Isn’t Widely Discussed Online

Organic Bouquet doesn’t seem to be used as often as other online flower services, so finding more current reviews from users was tricky but below are some of the reviews we found for this organic florist.

Positive Reviews

I’ve been using Organic Bouquet to send roses for holidays and birthdays for a few years now.  My recipients have always been happy with the flowers and I find myself going back to them as my go to place when I don’t know a local florist.  Prices are a bit on the expensive side. – C G., Yelp 4/4/2016

Feel like flowers just bring a natural happy energy to any room or home and it is extremely important to always have fresh organic flowers in the home I love the energy it puts out and really just gives a nice relaxing vibe. – Hannah G., Influenster 1/21/2017

Negative Reviews

I loved Organic Bouquet… their product is one I am passionate about and the quality is good. However, I will not be purchasing anything from them again. After being a customer for several years with no complaint, Organic Bouquet send a promotional email to receive 20% off selected items for Father’s Day. I quickly ordered a succulent wreath for my father along with a wreath holder. First I was charged full price for the wreath, never received a response from customer service when I inquired about the discount, obviously was not credited any money back to my account AND on top of that, was charged a ridiculous amount of money for the shipping. To make matters worse, the wreath not as described and it was much smaller PLUS the wreath holder was not included. Ridiculous!!! From now on, I’ll be searching for local florists within the communities that my relatives live in and placing orders with them. So disappointed in Organic Bouquet. – Claudia P.T., Yelp 6/18/2013

We had a terrible experience with this company, would not recommend to anyone. Signed up for the monthly floral bouquet delivery as a special thank you to a family member. The first delivery of lilies arrived dead, battered and bruised, and minus the guaranteed vase with the first delivery. Embarrassing for us, and what an awful surprise for the recipient, to then have to tell us our expensive gift would have to be composted. The company offered to send a replacement, but we had no confidence in Organic Bouquet, so did get the $715 we’d paid refunded. This is such a disservice to all who want to support fair trade, sustainable companies and products. – Diana, BestCompany 4/8/2017

How to Arrange a Dozen Roses in a Vase

Since Organic Bouquet sends your flowers in a box (no vase), the recipient will have to arrange them on their own. Check out the video below, which shows you how to arrange a dozen roses, so your bouquet is gorgeous. You might even want to send a link to this article to your loved one so they can learn how to arrange their flowers when they arrive!

Consider Buying Organic

If you want to purchase organic flowers, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that beats Organic Bouquet. Organic Bouquet gets the nod from us for Best Eco-Friendly Practices. We’re impressed with the importance the environment plays on this company’s methods. Want some other organic options? Check out alternatives in our online flower delivery reviews.

Why are you considering buying organic when you purchase flowers?

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