Graze Reviews: Good Enough to Justify the Monthly Cost?

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Graze Box: Graze ReviewsTired of going to the grocery store looking for healthy snacks and coming up empty handed? Do you want to buy healthy organic snacks but your local grocery store doesn’t offer variety? Our Graze review gives you an overview of one of the most popular healthy snack boxes available today. If you struggle with portion control, these snack boxes can help you tremendously. Read our Graze box review to learn more about this healthy snack box delivery option.

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3.7 / 5
Customer Service 3.5
Pricing 3.5
Dietary Options 4.8
Box Sizes 3.0


  • No high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, GMOs or artificial ingredients
  • Over 100 healthy treats available
  • Free shipping
  • #3 in our
  • Option to ship once a month, every other week or once a week
  • All nutrition and ingredient information is listed online for each snack
  • Option to purchase individual snacks


  • The price seems a bit high when you consider the portion size. However, it is being shipped to you, so that increases the cost.
  • No box size options
  • Not suitable for people with allergies

Key Features

  • Rate snacks you enjoy and Graze customizes your deliveries with eight treats they expect you to love
  • Little packaging, which is great if you’re looking for an option close to zero-waste
  • No GMOs, HFCS, trans fats or artificial colors or flavors
  • Great for those of you needing help with portion control

Graze Snacks Price

  • $11.99/box with 8 snacks

Graze Coupon

Get your first 4 snack sampler box free from Graze, plus $1 shipping via this link.

My Experience with Graze

Graze sent me a box for free to try out in exchange for an honest review. I went online and began ranking the snacks either trash, try, like or love. I’m not allergic to any foods except mango, so I was able to try practically anything except their “Vitamin C Crush” snack.

Do the Snacks Taste Good or Bad?

I received my box before expected, which worked out perfectly since I was moving the following week. I enjoyed my snacks while unpacking boxes and getting settled into my new home. Overall, I was pleased with the taste of the snacks. All eight were yummy, and I thought the ingredients combined made for an interesting treat. For example, the “Deconstructed Carrot Cake” has bits of carrot chews, cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts and ginger fudge. Individually they taste normal, but when combined it really did taste like carrot cake. I thought it was pretty cool how they achieved this. It seemed more authentic and natural instead of having all of the same pieces tasting like carrot cake due to artificial flavoring.

Packaging and Presentation

Inside Graze box: Graze ReviewsI like how small and simple the packaging was. It wasn’t bulky, so it didn’t take up tons of space. However, I felt like I was throwing away more trash than I typically would. For example, when I get a snack from the store, I get more than one serving out of it. Graze snacks are all separated into serving sizes, so I ended up throwing away eight individual plastic containers. Sure, they were small, but it was still more trash than I would typically have. Although, I don’t know how they would avoid this since the whole point is that the snacks are already portioned out.

Snack Size

I’ll be honest, I’m big on snacking. I don’t eat big meals, but I like separate elements of my meals and eat them at different times. For instance, I typically eat carrots or some other vegetable with my lunch. I’ll eat these as an afternoon snack instead of with my lunch. I do this because I’m not a person who can eat large meals. You’d think Graze serving sizes would be good for me then, right? Wrong. I actually found myself eating two snacks at a time because the first wasn’t sufficient enough.

Graze Shop

You can also purchase Graze snacks in bigger packs. So, if there’s one snack you really like you can purchase a pack of individual snack portions or a sharing bag size of it. However, not all snacks are available in both sizes. In fact, only 100 of the items sell in this manner. But that’s still a large assortment of snacks. There is free shipping on orders over $20.

Although we didn’t test this out, the larger sharing bags seem like a better deal to us. If you’re worried about portion sizes, you can divide the bag into Tupperware containers. This results in the same thing for less money and less trash. My favorite snack was the “Peachy Orchard.” I’d be interested in purchasing a large sharing bag of this snack, but unfortunately, it is not available in a larger size.

Graze Snacks Review from Customers

Positive Graze Reviews

Our family loves receiving the boxes. It is always a battle over who gets what because it is all so yummy! – Shelley O., SiteJabber 7/20/2016

Graze is regular with its timings true to its word, the snacks are lovely and if you don’t like them then you can bin them so you don’t get them again. I love the fact you can rate snacks so it can be totally personalized to your individual tastes. I have no reservations about Graze and have recommended it to some of my friends 🙂 – Emily, TrustPilot 7/20/2016

Negative Graze Reviews

I love the packaging and snacks yet have not received my favorite items even once. We keep getting the same corn kernels and selections that I indicated were our least favorite. I am thinking about discontinuing. – April O., SiteJabber 3/24/2016

graze box not very nice, and the same products keep coming. Will be cancelling – Shauna, TrustPilot 7/18/2016

How Did Graze Get Started?

Visit Graze’s Website

Want to know how Graze comes up with all of its snacks? Check out the fun they have in the kitchen by watching the video below. Also be sure to check out other healthy snack box options.

Subscribe to Anything

There are subscription boxes for practically everything. You can get clothes, jewelry, beauty products, food and more through a subscription box. Even Target joined the bandwagon in 2013 with a beauty box. If you like an element of surprise and enjoy getting packages in the mail, subscription boxes are a great option for you. It’s like being a kid again and every week is your birthday! Start getting a healthy snack box delivered straight to your door today.

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