Fish Tracking From Sea to Plate

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Fish marketnEcotrust Canada’s ThisFish lets you track the course of the fish you eat from catch to your plate. How does it work? Participating fishermen in Canada tag their catch with a unique code, that can be used by consumers on the ThisFish website to find out details on the catch, including who caught their fish, and how and when it was caught.

FIsh Tracking Adds Value Along the Food Chain

In addition to fishermen being able to tag the fish, anyone involved in the fish transit process can add their own tagging details. Seafood processors and restaurants, for example, can specify how the fish was processed and prepared. As of the date of this writing, over 90,000 fish had been tracked.

Feedback From Around the World

So far, consumers from the U.S., and as far away as China, Japan, Korea and even Belgium have used the unique fish tracking code to find out where their fish came from and how it was treated.

In an interesting way, ThisFish brings the local fishing experience back to the table (even if the fish is far from local). Just like the small coastal fishing town where the fishermen would sit down with their friends and enjoy the day’s catch, consumers can now learn and chat about the fishermen (calling them by name), when they learn about and explore their fish tales.

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