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Why is there so much plastic being produced?

I’m most curious about why there is more and more plastic being manufactured and sold to the public. My parents went through the depression. As I’ve reached the age of 70 I’m amazed by the the lack of concern for our world. We used paper sacks lined with newspaper to for more absorbancy as garbage …

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I want to buy my GF some flowers

View Organic Bouquet’s Website | Read our Organic Bouquet Review Can someone share an Organic Bouquet discount code? My girl friend’s birthday is coming up and she is all about eco-friendly stuff, so I thought I’d send her some flowers from an eco-friendly business.

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Decrease the cost of Vivint Solar

Visit Vivint Solar’s Website | Read our Vivint Solar Review I read your review of Vivint Solar and saw in the pros you said “Use of micro-inverters increases efficiency by 15% or more compared to a centralized inverter, which most companies use.” This has me more interested in Vivint than its competitors. I saw you had …

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Going with Sungevity, but want to save money

Visit Sungevity’s Website | Read our Sungevity Review My husband and I are choosing Sungevity because of its Empowered by Light program. We love that the company gives back for every purchase. We were wondering if anyone had a Sungevity coupon code we could use to get a discount on our’s?

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Betta fish laying on bottom of tank

I’m worried about my fish – for the past month he has been laying around the bottom of his bowl and just recently I noticed four red lines (he’s a blue fish) on both sides of his gills. It’s kinda freaking me out. Have any ideas what it could be? -Madeleine

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