Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service: Sun Basket vs Green Chef vs Purple Carrot vs Veestro vs Fresh N Lean

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Vegan Meal BowlAre you committed to a vegan diet and earth-friendly practices, but just can’t find the time to meet those goals? Consider a vegan food delivery service.

You’ve likely heard of meal delivery services like Blue Apron that deliver prepared meals to your home each week. You may not realize there are dedicated vegan meal delivery plans quite similar to Blue Apron.

Article Overview


COVID-19 Update

With much of the country cooking at home right now, demand for these services has hit an all-time high. So, we are starting to see delivery delays (by a few days), ingredient substitutions and a reduction in menu availability. If you sign up, you will need to be flexible as these programs are operating a little differently during these trying times than they usually do.

All food service companies are taking extra precautions to protect workers from the coronavirus. Further, there is no scientific evidence to support that the virus can be passed by food and no cases have been traced to food as of April 2020.

Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

We’ve chosen our best vegan food delivery winners based on several factors including quality of ingredients, nutritional value, the variety of meals and plan choices, sustainable ingredient sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, pricing and more.

Learn More About The Environmental Impact Of Meal Kits

Each vegan meal subscription box offers something different, so we’ve broken down our winners into “best of” categories to help you choose the best option for your diet and lifestyle needs. Check out our picks for vegan Blue Apron alternatives.

Best For Families With Varied Dietary Needs: Sun Basket Vegan Review

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Sun Basket box on counterEstablished in 2014, Sun Basket has established itself as a leader in organic and non-GMO meal kit delivery. It offers a wide variety of options including Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Lean & Clean, Mediterranean and now Diabetes-Friendly.

If you’re a strict vegan, your menu is limited to 3 menu options each week, but if you are more of a “flexitarian,” you have the opportunity to pick something from the vegetarian or other menus, mix and matching for the same price.

Sun Basket’s labeling system clearly outlines the source for all food items. Most meals take about 30 minutes to prepare and are about 500-800 calories per serving. We love that each meal comes wrapped in its own paper bag so you can quickly grab what you need to get started and then recycle the bag when you’ve finished cooking. The sauce containers are great to reuse for salad dressings and storing household items too.

Sample Meals

  • Crispy tofu stir-fry with sweet Sichuan sauce and jasmine rice
  • Mushroom muffulettas with olive tapenade and kale chips
  • Sweet potato and black bean chili



  • Can choose which recipes you prefer for the week from 15+ different options
  • Each recipe comes in its own paper bag so everything is sorted for convenience
  • Various diet options including Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Diabetes-Friendly and more
  • USDA-certified organic
  • Clear instructions in every box on how to dispose of the packaging and shipping materials (100% recycle or compost)
  • Can adjust the frequency to weekly, every other week or once a month
  • No step-by-step photos on the recipe cards (if that’s something that’s important to you)
  • Fewer diet options for the Family Plan
  • Does not ship to AK, HI and parts of MT, NM and ND


Sun Basket offers 2 plans:

  • Classic Menu: 2 meals (or 3 or 4 for an additional cost) for 2 people starts at $10.99 per serving
  • Family Menu: 2 meals (or 3 or 4 for an additional cost) for 4 people
  • starts at $10.99 per serving
  • Shipping: $6.99 flat rate per order


Get $35 off plus 4 FREE gifts ($60 total value) on your first Sun Basket purchase when you use this link!

Read Our In-Depth Sun Basket Review

Best For Family Meals: Chip and Kale Review

Chip and Kale logo

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Chip and Kale is a non-subscription plant-based meal kit service based out of Pittsburgh, PA. A new menu posts every Monday and you have until midnight the following Sunday to place your order.

Since there’s no subscription-model, the Chip and Kale meals allow for flexibility (don’t forget to go in and place your order each week). You can also order a la carte (buy what you need on any given week). They even offer desserts and brunch items.

Our Personal Review

Chip and Kale sent Kimberly, one of our writers, some sample meals to try out. She and her husband loved every meal that was sent. The meals were simple to cook and convenient, especially with a baby at home. The meals didn’t include any sides, so they added some to help round the meals out a little.

Sample Meals:

  • Buffalo Tempeh Bowl
  • Skillet Enchiladas
  • One Pot Pasta Bolognese
  • Thai Summer Noodle Soup



  • No need to create an account to order
  • Non-GMO ingredients, made without preservatives
  • Large portions (each meal serves 4)
  • Optional dessert add-ons
  • Gluten-free option
  • Gift cards available and reward program for loyal customers
  • Less menu variety and flexibility of order size (family meal only)


  • 5 Meal Package for 4 servings: Starts at $5.25 per serving
  • Shipping: Cost varies by location.
  • View all options


Our readers can save 15% off Chip & Kale with coupon code EarthFriends via this link (new customers only).

Most Creative Recipes: Green Chef ReviewGreen Chef box

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Green Chef stands out for their creative and tasty vegan recipes, which can give you ideas to create your own vegan dishes. Each box contains healthy raw ingredients that are responsibly sourced from sustainable growers.

Each item is color-coded, making it easy to follow recipes, and 95% of their ingredients are organic. Green Chef also uses reusable containers, recyclable boxes and biodegradable, compostable jute to pad their boxes’ contents. In addition to their vegan meal plan, Green Chef offers omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian plans.

Sample Meals:

  • Ginger-Curry Tempeh
  • Middle Eastern Lentils
  • Cauliflower Niçoise Salad
  • Southwest Bean Burger



  • Ingredients do not contain any synthetic pesticides, GMOs, artificial ingredients, and are 95% certified organic
  • Sustainably sourced, fresh ingredients
  • Eco-Friendly packaging
  • Color-coded items with easy to follow instructions and photos
  • USDA-Certified Organic
  • Skip weeks or cancel auto-shipping anytime
  • Tends to be big enough portions for an extra serving
  • Can’t choose individual meals
  • No vegan family plans (yet)


  • Vegan Plan: 2-person plan; 3 meals per week starts at $9.99 per serving
  • Shipping: Included


Get $55 off your first order with Green Chef via this link!

Video: Green Chef Unboxing

Want to see what’s inside a Green Chef box? Watch this quick unboxing video we made which shows what to expect when you get your delivery.

Best Variety: Vegan Garden Review

Visit WebsiteThe Vegan Garden box

The Vegan Garden is a fantastic choice for people who want plenty of options. In fact, The Vegan Garden has the most extensive variety of menu choices, types of foods, meal plans and packages of any other vegan meal delivery service on the market.

You can even create your own à la carte order or choose a weight loss plan. With so many options, you may be able to skip the grocery store entirely.

Although they’re surprisingly tasty, all of their meals come frozen — a drawback for people who want entirely fresh food or those who want to prep their meals (and learn recipes). Of course, for people who want quick and simple meals, it doesn’t get much easier. They do require a two-month contract for all meal plans, so we encourage you to order à la carte before locking into a subscription.

Sample Meals:

  • Vegan Breakfast Burrito
  • Tikka Masala
  • Lasagna Napoletana
  • Cyprus Salad



  • All items are vegan, and most are gluten-free
  • Large variety of à la carte meals, meal packages, and meal plans (all meals are pre-made)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Special weight loss plans and packages
  • Offers smoothies, cookies, juices, teas and cleanses
  • All meals are frozen and pre-made
  • Minimum two-month contract with all meal plans and packages
  • Not 100% organic
  • Not many raw ingredients, like green salads
  • Hefty shipping fees for some plans


  • Meal Delivery Plans: Start at $199/month for 28 items of your choice (comes out to around $7 per item)
  • Shipping: $29.00 per order ($19 in California)


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Vegan Garden.

Other Vegan Meal Kits

These didn’t make the top winning categories but are worth mentioning as well in the ever-growing vegan meal delivery market (no pun intended).

Fresh n’ Lean | Purple Carrot | Veestro | Vegetable and Butcher

Fresh n’ Lean Review

Visit WebsiteFresh n' Lean Review box

Fresh n’ Lean is a great option for people looking for little to no meal prep time. The meals come prepared and vacuum sealed, so all you have to do is heat them up.

They’re delightfully tasty for fully prepared dishes. All of their vegan meals are organic and include no meat or dairy, processed ingredients, MSG, GMOs, artificial flavors or ingredients, preservatives or gluten.

Their menu includes flavorful Asian-inspired, South American, Continental and Mediterranean classic dishes. Fresh n’ Lean also offers additional meal plans including Low Carb Vegan, ION Performance Protein+ and ION Performance Paleo. We couldn’t find much information about their packaging, except that it’s recyclable.

Sample Meals:

  • Hearty Granola (breakfast)
  • Crunchy Curry Almond Quinoa
  • Red Pepper Squash Bowl
  • Chipotle Cabbage Rice



  • 100% plant-based meals
  • All organic and gluten-free
  • High protein and fiber dishes
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Good choice of add-on meals and snacks
  • Free delivery
  • Skip weeks or cancel auto-shipping anytime
  • They choose meals for you
  • No family plans
  • Prepackaged meals don’t look very appetizing in their containers
  • Not many raw ingredients, like green salads


  • Vegan Plans start as $8.40 per serving (5 or 7 day plans)
  • Shipping: Free


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Fresh 'N Lean.

Purple Carrot Review

Visit WebsitePurple Carrot box

Purple Carrot is our pick for the best overall value with a vegan meal delivery service. They offer reasonable pricing for all-fresh ingredients that are super healthy, and they give you free shipping to boot. All of their meals include complex carbohydrates from sustainably sourced vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, as well as healthy fats and lean proteins.

Purple Carrot’s recipes are creative, full of flavor and easy to prepare. All of their packaging is made from post-consumer waste and is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. They’ve also recently introduced a new meal plan, TB12 Performance Meals, created with Tom Brady and TB12. This meal plan is for athletes and people with an active lifestyle.

Sample Meals:

  • Toasted Quinoa Stir-Fry with Crispy Sesame Shiitakes & Chinese Chives
  • Tofu Tikka Masala with Spring Vegetables & Brown Basmati Rice
  • Beluga Lentil Taco with Quick Guacamole & Sun Sprout Slaw
  • Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo with Warm Broccolini Radicchio Salad

Personal Experience

Our team member Jeff Butler has used Purple Carrot. Here is his experience.

My wife and I have been receiving Purple Carrot weekly since 2016. With three little kids, we don’t have the time or energy for meal preparation, and Purple Carrot fulfills our needs perfectly. They have a nice variety of quick meals that can be cooked in 25 minutes or less, while also having a great selection of more complicated (and tastier) meals that can take about an hour (good for weekends).

While very rare, there have been a couple of shipping mishaps and instances of un-fresh produce, but the support team was quick to resolve any problem. After all these years, the recipes never get stale, and we are always happy with the meals.



  • All menu items are 100% plant-based
  • Sustainably sourced, fresh ingredients
  • Easy to follow recipes (under 40 min. prep time)
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • High-performance meal plan available for athletically inclined vegans
  • Free delivery
  • Skip weeks or cancel auto-shipping anytime
  • Can’t choose individual meals
  • Not 100% organic
  • Doesn’t ship to entire U.S. (30 states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and West Coast regions; some regions in the South)


  • 2 Serving Plan: 3 Dinners per week (option for 4) starts at $11.99 per serving
  • 4 Serving Plan: 2 Dinners per week (option for 3) starts at $9.99 per serving
  • Shipping: FREE


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Purple Carrot.

Veestro Review

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Veestro in fridgeSimilar to Fresh N’ Lean, Veestro’s meals are already prepped and ready to eat right out of the box. The company offers both one-time delivery and subscription options as well as breakfast, soups, desserts, juice cleanse and weight loss choices.

All of Veestro’s food is 100% plant-based, uses organic ingredients and is free of preservatives. They also offer gluten-free meals. All orders placed by Sunday will ship out the following Monday or Tuesday.

We love that Veestro makes eating healthy both easy and convenient. The meals are frozen and a la carte, so you can re-order the same dish again if you like it.

We did discover a few negatives to this service. The cooking instructions ask you to heat up the meals in the microwave rather than the oven or stove. Also, the packaging is a bit wasteful (although the carton trays are 100% compostable and plastic pouches are recyclable and BPA-free). With a steep shipping cost, Veestro is best for those who plan to order large volumes.

Sample Meals:

  • Entrees: Country Fried Chick’n or Red Curry with Tofu
  • Breakfast: Omelet Primavera or Oatmeal Breakfast Pie
  • Soups: Hearty Vegetable Bean Soup or Quinoa Soup



  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Wide-variety of meals and types
  • Breakfast and dessert options
  • A la carte, non-subscription allows for flexible ordering
  • Meals last up to 8 weeks in the freezer and 1 week in the fridge
  • Large community of satisfied customers
  • Gift cards & corporate program available
  • Expensive shipping costs for small quantities
  • Wasteful packaging
  • Minimum order of $35
  • Microwave used to heat meals


  • Weight-Loss Meal Plans (3 meals a day for 5 or 7-day plans) starts at $11/meal
  • Shipping: Free for meal plans


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Veestro.

Vegetable and Butcher Review

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Vegetable & Butcher in fridgeVegetable and Butcher prides itself on sustainably sourced, seasonally-focused meals from farmers that they know and trust. The recipes are crafted by a fine-dining chef who is also a registered dietitian.

All meals are pre-made, gluten and dairy-free and they offer vegan and paleo options. The fixed menu rotates weekly and you can choose a combination of items for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2, 4 or 6 meals per week.

For those lucky enough to live in the greater Washington DC area, the company offers a 1-week trial that’s commitment-free and if you want to subscribe you save 10% on every box.

Vegans will want to go with the Vegetable’s Basket plan, but the company also has a Butcher’s box that may include pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef or wild caught seafood (for $1 more per meal). The ordering process was a little confusing compared to other sites because you can’t pick out your own meals.

Sample Meals:

  • Breakfast: Tofu Scramble w/ Sweet Potato, Avocado + Pico de Gallo
  • Lunch: Mixed Summer Greens w/ Strawberries + Roasted Walnuts
  • Dinner: Korean Vegetable Bibimbap



  • Highly-curated recipes with top-notch ingredients
  • Free shipping always (on day of meal)
  • Short lead time for signing up and receiving meals the following week
  • No commitment plans, so you’re not locked into a subscription
  • Fresh, organic produce
  • Option to add on snacks, juices or dessert from reputable brands
  • Currently only in DC and parts of Northern Virginia
  • Plans are for 1 person only
  • No option for selecting your recipes (they pick for you unless you specify a dietary restriction)
  • Meals are on the more expensive side compared to other vegan meals


  • Vegetable’s Basket Plan: Starts at $11 per meal (select from Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and 2, 4 or 6 days per week)
  • Shipping: Free (or pick up at one of their pickup locations).


Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from Vegetable and Butcher.

Video: Why Adopt A Plant-Based Diet?

Check out the video below by 22 Days Nutrition that’s packed with tons of info about how you can benefit from a vegan diet, including weight loss.

Are Meal Delivery Services Eco-Friendly?

When you consider going with a food delivery service, surely one of the considerations is how all that packaging and food sourcing ultimately affects our environment. We’re with you on this major concern. That’s why we chose meal delivery services that are committed to eco-friendly practices. All of our picks source their ingredients from sustainable growers and all packaging is either recyclable, reusable or compostable.

If you’re interested in other meal delivery services for family members who aren’t vegan, be sure to check out our article comparing many of the top meal delivery subscription sites.

What advice do you have for people new to the vegan lifestyle?

About The Author:

Sally is a huge fan of fresh, organic food. One of her favorite hobbies is cooking with as many fresh herbs, spices and veggies as possible. And she's devoted to her all-natural skin products and cosmetics. It's saved her and her daughter from the curse of skin allergies. When she's not writing and researching (and being a Mom), you can find Sally getting down to earth in her home garden.

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August 31, 2019 8:24 am

You are missing our family’s favorite Mama Sezz! Even the kids love it

Sadie Cornelius
September 3, 2019 7:45 am
Reply to  Max

Thanks Max for letting us know, we’ll add them to our list for our next audit/update, glad your kids like it too!

Lee Levy
May 1, 2018 1:16 am

That is a super helpful article- so thank you. We tried about 8 meal kit companies but we love Sun basket: Sun Basket offers a Vegan Plan as part of their Classic Plan. This includes 3 meals per week for 2 or 4 people. It features some interesting and creative meatless recipes, all with 100% organic seasonal produce, plant-based proteins, and Sun Basket house-made signature sauces. I am sure you’re going to love it.

Kimberly Alt
February 28, 2018 8:56 am

I just tried a free week (3 meals) of Purple Carrot thanks to a friend who gave me a code. We made Crispy Plantain Bowl with Mint Mojo Rice & Red Beans, Carrot Socca with Roasted Broccolini & Creamy Cucumber Dressing and White Lentil & Butternut Risotto with Fried Sage. All three dishes had great flavor to them.

I was a bit bummed though because the plantain we received was nowhere near ripeness and it probably would have taken 2 weeks for it to reach ripeness, which then would’ve put other ingredients in jeopardy of going bad, so our plantain was more potato like than sweet.

I also felt like these weren’t quick meals to make during the week. If my husband helped me prep ingredients it went by faster, but if it was just me it took way longer.

I really liked the creativity each of the dishes had. For instance, we never cook with lemon and two of the three dishes used lemon and we loved that. I think this will help us create our own dishes in the future on nights where we don’t have anything planned.

The quality of the ingredients was great and everything seemed fresh and ready to use (asides from the plantain).

Did I keep my subscription after the free week of food? No. In my opinion, $78 is just too expensive for my husband and I to spend on 3 meals a week. We can get our entire week’s worth of groceries for less than that. Yes, it’s convenient, but I still have to go to the grocery store to get ingredients for the other meals we eat during the week, so buying 3 more meals isn’t really a big deal.

Although Purple Carrot is better than other companies when it comes to less packaging, there’s still more plastic than I’m used to. We use reusable produce and grocery bags at the grocery store, so seeing all the plastic was a shock to me.

However, if $78 is something you can budget for and you travel often and want meals delivered to your door, Purple Carrot’s meals are DELICIOUS!

December 4, 2017 6:38 pm

We have had 2 of the 3 purple carrot meals we ordered last week and both were significantly tastier than last time we tried this company about a year ago. Plus, they have improved the packaging – my husband and I agree that the packaging is now the best of the ones we have tried to-date (they put all the ingredients for a given recipe into a tightly wrapped clear plastic bag with a label for the recipe, making it easy to pull one out to cook but also to store in a crowded fridge!). We also order sometimes from Sun Basket and Green Chef but Purple Carrot makes it easier with their performance plan to eat dairy free and gluten free (new dietary restrictions we are adjusting to).

Kimberly Alt
November 2, 2017 3:22 pm

Some of my friends sent me vegan meals from Fresh n’ Lean. They were so handy because they were already made and had about a 10 day window before they “expired”. The portion size was perfect and they were convenient during a busy time for us. The last thing I wanted to do was cook, so when these meals arrived at our door we were pleasantly surprised. My husband and I greatly appreciated receiving these meals and they were yummy too. 🙂 If you’re looking for pre-made vegan meals to send to someone, consider Fresh n’ Lean.

September 28, 2017 2:46 pm

My granddaughter is Vegan and has her 18th birthday in October. I live in Florida and she lives in Ohio. I would like to send her a great selection of vegan meals without entering into a monthly con tract. Are there any such services?

May 2, 2019 10:38 pm
Reply to  Joyce

Plant Pure, you can actually buy the set of frozen vegan meals

February 18, 2018 6:24 pm
Reply to  Joyce

Chip and Kale. The food is amazing! I ordered their 5meal package and found out it’s 4 servings each. I got 20 meals for about a $100. Oh, and it’s non subscription.

Cynthia Preston
January 10, 2018 5:06 am
Reply to  Joyce

Try Veestro 🙂

Sadie Cornelius
January 11, 2018 10:24 am

Cynthia, thanks for sharing, we’ve added to our list to consider adding them in our next audit!

Sadie Cornelius
September 29, 2017 9:38 am
Reply to  Joyce

Joyce what a thoughtful thing to do for your granddaughter! I might suggest signing up for a service for a trial and then canceling or offering to transfer the payment info to your niece if she likes it and wants to continue. I tested out almost all the meal delivery services this way to compare and see which ones I liked best. Additionally, some of these services above might have the option to give as a gift you could look into depending on which you go with. Hope that helps!

Corey C
June 14, 2017 2:21 pm

Wonderful to see so many options that cater to alternative eating lifestyles. I’ve been a vegetarian now for 7 years and tried all the other meal subscription services but their meatless options weren’t always the best so will definitely check these out to see which I like best!