Recycling: It’s Easy to Make a Difference

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Recycling binsThis morning I was driving into work and I saw the recycling truck picking up bins from the curbsides of many homes in my neighborhood but what surprised me was how many households had not left any recycling there to pick up!

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…

If your city provides curbside pick-up, then any argument of inconvenience is really not valid. And to say that you have no recyclables would be even more of a falsehood. Sure it takes a little more thought and time to separate out the plastics from paper and glass but a trip to your rapidly expanding local landfill will remind you of what is more important than that extra 10 minutes a week – the future of our planet and the quality of life on it. And, in most cities separating these different materials is no longer necessary. So let’s do this!

How YOU Can Make A Difference

You can start by looking into your local chamber of commerce and community websites to see how the local recycling program works in your town. It is different everywhere and it is true that not all recycling programs are created equal. So, find out your guidelines and start following them. It is that simple. When you think of the benefit of the trade-off – a few minutes each week for a cleaner world – how can you not do your part to make a better tomorrow?

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