My Pregnancy with My First Child

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Rose family in 2011Meet Amy. Mother of four boys and the wife of a minister in Georgia. Read, blog post by blog post, how she has learned, changed and grown during the many trials and tribulations of learning to raise a family of her own. Through smiles, tears and lots of laughter, she has learned that the path to successful child rearing is often the one that comes instinctively. And often the things derived from Mother Earth truly are best. The world is full of medical “miracles” but over time and lots of experience, this mom has discovered that raising a natural baby creates the most wonderful bonds and lessons for her children.

Marriage and then Wait a few years for a Baby… or not

Amy in pink as a kidMy first baby wasn’t planned. I spent my life knowing I wanted a baby (well, multiple babies would be more accurate).  Heck, I’ll admit it, I “played with” dolls until I was in middle school. It mostly consisted of dressing them up in the real baby clothes I had gathered over the years and literally pretending they were real. My favorite unit in Health class? You remember the one where you carry around the flour sack baby for 2 weeks? Yeah, I enjoyed every second (I even used a doll whose arms came off and I stuffed her full of rice for weight so she’d look more real and named her Britanny). However, when I met my husband and we decided to get married, we decided we’d wait 5 years before having a baby so we could have our “us time”.

Sure Way to Get Pregnant

I actually remember the night he was conceived. “I am pretty sure I can get pregnant if you don’t use something right now…” Well, yeah, as with any typical male- “Well, that’s okay. Let’s just keep going…” Famous last words, mister! Two weeks and a late period later, Jonathan was clearly on his way about a year and a half ahead of schedule. (At least we’ll get our “us time” after the kids are grown- in, oh, 18 more years!)

To Epidural or Not to Epidural

I researched a little about childbirth, but decided that God allowed epidurals to be created for a reason, so I would use one. I put so much faith in the medical field it was ridiculous. I put so little faith in myself it was even more ridiculous. At the time, I was naïve enough to believe that childbirth is medical over a natural process. I went to a large OBGYN practice and saw each doctor for a total of about 5 minutes each visit. I think I only saw the same doctor twice. It was “important” (translation- mandatory) to meet all of them because whoever was on call was who delivered you. The hospital had a 97% epidural rate and a just over 50% c-section rate. Those should have been my first clues to run away- fast.

Learning to Raise a New Baby – My Way

Pregnant Amy standing with bellyI babysat my whole life (it felt like it- I used to go with my sister when she would babysit to “help” (translation- play with the kids while she did things like make snacks. I am pretty sure I probably even changed any diapers involved!). I knew everything there was to know about babies, right? I honestly didn’t read much about what carrier was best, what foods babies shouldn’t have, vaccines,… I figured my pediatrician knew best, so I’d just listen to what s/he had to say. Now I know that MY decisions (based on research) as a parent are much more important than any doctor’s opinion and that MOST information given by doctors is just that- opinions…

To be continued…Read more of my Natural Baby Blog.

About The Author:

Mother of four boys and the wife of a minister in Georgia. The world is full of medical “miracles” but over time and lots of experience, this mom has discovered that raising a natural baby creates the most wonderful bonds and lessons for her children.

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April 21, 2012 3:55 pm

I have been wanting to do a blog. Haven’t found time though. My free time has been spent crocheting. Free time…ha, what free time I have had. That’s so cool you are publishing on this site.

April 23, 2012 3:50 pm

I can admit I wish I had been better informed with my first born, Bryan. That is one of the biggest reasons I insisted with my doctor that I get my epidural when I wanted it and not because some dr. opinion was that I had to be 4cm. Thank goodness the dr. who delivered Kyla was all for what I wanted and I had my epidural very quickly. I can admit that after way to many hours of labor (without) drugs with Bryan I just knew I couldn’t go natural. I was so much more relaxed with Kyla and wish it had been that relaxing with Bryan. After reading this I am more than thankful that Dr. Cuskelly saw me all the way through both pregnancies and that he is now their pediatrician. He is sooooooo well informed and is always reading to keep up on the latest information. I feel blessed!