Why is there so much plastic being produced?

I’m most curious about why there is more and more plastic being manufactured and sold to the public. My parents went through the depression. As I’ve reached the age of 70 I’m amazed by the the lack of concern for our world. We used paper sacks lined with newspaper to for more absorbancy as garbage bags and took it out to the metal trash can. All our milk in bottles which went back to the dairy to be sterilized and reused, peanut butter, jams and honey and condiments etc. came in glass jars. Which were washed and sent to the city dump. Where they were crushed and sent out to make new jars. Baby diapers were washed and dried not paper and plastic full of chemicals. Between the plastic grocery bags, water bottles and disposable diapers our earth is being destroyed. I doubt it will effect me much because at my age I may only be on this earth for another 20 yrs. I just wonder how much more of these plastic destroyers will there be during that time. Paper sacks were used to pack groceries in. Wax coated paper was used to wrap bread. Any excess of these could be burned.


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