How to protect red harvester ants?

I was wondering if there are any programs in place to protect Red Harvester Ants? An exterminator came the other day and, without permission, sprayed one of our ant hills. My husband and I were very unhappy about that! My husband suggested watering the hill with the sprinkler for awhile, so I did for about an hour and a half. That was Wednesday. Today, Friday, the hill is still active so we’re hoping we saved it. We thought about putting up signs to not spray or harm the ants in any way but don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to the hills, then have people deliberately hurt them. So do y’all have any suggestions as to what we should do? The exterminator knows now to leave our ants alone. Thanks in advance for any suggestions y’all have! -Michelle Schaffer


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2 Comments on "How to protect red harvester ants?"

Michelle Schaffer
Michelle Schaffer

Update on the ant hill- The ants died.

Sadie Cornelius
Sadie Cornelius

Michelle thanks for the update and sorry to hear about the ants!