Is Aluminum in Deodorant a Health Risk?

I keep hearing more and more that aluminum in deodorant can be harmful to your health. Is that true? And if so, how do you know which deodorants are healthy but also effective? Example, I’m pretty sure all “antiperspirant” deodorants used for sports and high intensity activities contain aluminum, or they would not be effective.

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Alex Schenker
While we are not medical professionals, there are studies that indicate aluminum (and parabens, both in some antiperspirant deodorant products) may be related to cancer, Alzheimer’s, respiratory, and brain disorders.

If you think about it, it’s pretty simple – your body needs to secrete toxins and the natural way to do that is by sweating. Antiperspirants prevent this from happening (they stop you from “perspiring”) and thereby the toxins remain in your system. From my experience if you eat healthy you will reduce the toxins in your body (especially if you eat organic and focus on a diet heavy with fruits and veggies). After a couple weeks of perspiring without an aluminum-based deodorant, your body will carry less toxins and you will smell less as well (ie. natural deo’s will become more effective). It’s the toxins that make you stink after all.