Solar panels have a larger upfront cost but can save you thousands of dollars. Thanks to this technology, homes are becoming greener and carbon monoxide emissions are decreasing drastically, making our Earth healthier. We explain what a solar panel is and review some of the top companies who provide solar panels.

Best Solar Panels For Your Home: SunPower vs SunRun vs Solarcity vs Sungevity vs Vivint Solar vs Tesla

Solar panels on roof (caption: Solar Panels for Your Home)

Tired of high electric bills? Worried about the impact of CO2 emissions on our environment? Look no further than that big ball of energy in the sky. Did you know homeowners save an average of $1,000 per year on electricity by installing rooftop solar panels? With multiple financing options and the cost of utilizing solar energy continuing to decline, your choices for an affordable switch-over to solar are better than ever…

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Best Solar Landscape Lights For Your Deck, Garden & Yard

Solar lights in yard at night

No wiring, no electricity costs, no environmental impact — why not jump on the solar bandwagon? Energy efficient lighting is all the rage these days, and what better place to start than your yard? See our solar landscape lighting reviews for our top picks and ideas on how to bring your yard to life at night…

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Best Small Solar Panel Kits For RVs, Boats, Campers, Tiny Houses And More

Camper with bike and solar panel

Ditch the noisy, smelly and pollution creating portable generator when you travel off the grid in your RV, boat or camper. It’s not only more eco-friendly, it’s handy when camping where there’s no electrical hookup. Solar Panel Kits are the clean way to power your tiny house, shed or cabin…

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Solar Attic Fan Reviews: A Cool Purchase For Your Home?

Solar Attic Fan on roof

Do you want to keep your home cooler in the summer in an eco-friendly way? A solar attic fan can help reduce the strain on your HVAC system, keep your upstairs cooler and modestly reduce your electric bill, all by harnessing the natural power from the sun. And, in some locations, you can even qualify for a tax credit for your purchase.

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How Does a Solar Panel Work & How They Can Save You Money

Solar panel (caption: how does a solar panel work)

Did you know that an average residential solar panel system can reduce carbon monoxide emissions by more than 200 tons each year? What an incredible impact just one home can have! Solar panels first hit the market in 1956, and space programs were one of the first industries to use solar panels to power their space crafts. Since then their popularity has gone through the roof (no pun intended). So read on to learn more about “how does a solar panel work?” and share how much money you can save while going green…

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Vivint Solar Reviews: Taking Over the Home Solar Market?

Installer carrying Vivint Solar pannel: Vivint Solar Reviews

Are you committed to having a green home? Have you considered going solar? The residential solar industry is booming, and homeowners have more options than ever before. Vivint is one of the largest providers of residential solar panel systems in the U.S., just behind SolarCity. Vivint Solar launched in 2011, and the company continues a path of rapid growth into more and more states. They’re a worthy competitor in the solar industry, but what does Vivint Solar deliver to homeowners? Enough that we ranked them third in our Residential Solar Panel reviews! But we encourage you to read our Vivint Solar reviews to see if they’re a good fit for you…

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Tesla Solar (Formally SolarCity) Review: Is the Industry Leader #1 in Our Book?

SolarCity House with Solar Panels: SolarCity Reviews

Want to lower your monthly electric bills and protect the Earth at the same time? Save money and offset carbon emissions by going solar! It’s easier than ever before to convert your home to solar power. Companies like SolarCity, the nation’s leading residential solar provider since 2006, do all the work for you. SolarCity is a full-service company for solar financing, design engineering, obtaining permits, installation and more. Read our SolarCity reviews to see why we chose SolarCity as our winner for our best home solar panel systems reviews…

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