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These are questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to comment and contribute to the conversation! If you have your own question that is not already on the site (use the search box at top right to see if it is), feel free to submit yours by browsing to the Contact page in the main menu. Duplicate questions will not be posted. We, or a reader from the Earth's Friends community, will respond as soon as possible.

Betta fish laying on bottom of tank

I’m worried about my fish – for the past month he has been laying around the bottom of his bowl and just recently I noticed four red lines (he’s a blue fish) on both sides of his gills. It’s kinda freaking me out. Have any ideas what it could be? …

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Anyone have Verengo solar complaints?

Does anyone here have feedback on Verengo, the solar company? I keep hearing about their 25-year guarantee, which is something that I haven’t found any other solar provider to offer. However, when I Google “verengo solar complaints” quite a few results come up and quite a bit of negative feedback. I’m …

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Tips for Reptile Breeding

I’m a fan of Reptile breeding of reptile breeding and though I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years! The Reproductive Cycle: In poikilothermic animals the reproductive cycle is determined by various factors. These factors are temperature, humidity, and light. Temperature: The annual reproductive window for most …

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Graze snack box reviews?

I see you guys are covering monthly healthy snack boxes. Nature box and Urthbox appear to be viable options, but I’m hearing more and more good things about Graze, especially when it comes to affordability and selection. Do you guys have any plans to review this monthly snack box service on Earth’s Friends? …

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Is Aluminum in Deodorant a Health Risk?

I keep hearing more and more that aluminum in deodorant can be harmful to your health. Is that true? And if so, how do you know which deodorants are healthy but also effective? Example, I’m pretty sure all “antiperspirant” deodorants used for sports and high intensity activities contain aluminum, or they …

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What is Zipcar’s Cancellation Policy?

I’m interested in getting rid of my car and using Zipcar. I live in the city and I rarely drive (I mostly use public trans). However, I would need a vehicle every now and then. I’ve heard of Zipcar but was curious as to what their cancellation policy is. Does …

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Does Zipcar have a mileage limit?

We’re looking to take advantage of Zipcar ride sharing now that we’ve moved to Ann Arbor (I’m assuming it’s available here?). I’m also curious, if we decide to not actually own a car, if we’re able to use Zipcar for extended trips, like weekends and vacations and such. Does Zipcar …

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What is the Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service?

With all of the new meal delivery services out there, do any of them provide vegan only meals? I’ve spent some time some of the most popular ones like Blue Apron and Plated and while they most have vegetarian options, I’m not finding one that provides a robust vegan selection.

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